Waiting for LV: How to Kill Time

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  1. UGH!! So as some of you might know...I bought a Mono Stephen yesterday :yahoo::yahoo:
    bad news....it won't be here until early next week (probably Monday).....I'm dying a slow death waiting for this ginormous box to get here!!!

    So to keep my mind off of it today....I plan on pulling weeds, sanding walls, cleaning, doing laundry, doing work on my masters.
    After today though....I'll have run out of things to do :sad: And then all that will be left to do is think of my poor Stephen bouncing around on a truck...trying so hard to get across the country to me!!!

    What strategies do you employ to take your mind off of the LVs that are coming to you???
  2. Just do lots and lots of work on your masters! I think that is the most productive use of your time, because then when you finally get your bag you don't have to worry about too much schoolwork and you can spend HOURS gazing at your bag!!!! OOH and clean that house, that's always good!
  3. LOL Mandy!!!! The Masters is what I'm avoiding...which I don't know why....it has to be done in 4 weeks!!!

    I want it NOW! LOL

    So far I've picked up all the little loose things all over the house....and started 2 loads of laundry, and paid bills. It's gonna be a long day!
  4. if only we lived closer...you could do my ironing!!
  5. Twiggers, you are too funny! Well, you can just hang out with us, that's all!!! I can't wait to see your newest addition.....how exciting! :smile:
  6. In the mean time.... you could browse on eLux for more goodies that you plan on buying in the future and make a new wish list? :shrugs:
  7. Read a book. A really thick book. Then another one. Or play an epic game.
  8. ^I agree read a book, one you can't put down!!!
  9. Yea...a book! I just finished a really good one yesterday...but I have about 20 more in my closet!!!

    John: Great idea...especially since I might be going to Chicago this weekend!!!!!
  10. Be productive! Don't be like me. Last time I was waiting for a bag, I was anticipating it so much I went to the store and bought another bag...
  11. Hanging on tPF or reading are my two fav ways of killing time. I can't wait to see pics of your new Stephen when it arrives!
  12. Ooh that will be so sexy! Only 3 days of waiting, which isn't too bad. Sounds like you have lots of ways to keep busy. I've never ordered a bag online so far, but I am waiting for my parents to get back from LA with my Azur Speedy (9 more days) and I am going crazy! I almost bought the Mini Lin yesterday!
  13. ahhh... the agony of waiting... i tend to browse for my next prey. well it does take my mind off what im waiting for :sweatdrop:

    :roflmfao: good one! :lol: