Waiting for lolli handbag...

  1. Hi! I ordered a double ring hobo handbag from Lolli by Reincarnation about a month and a half ago. On their website it says their orders take about 2 and a half weeks to receive. I called them 2 weeks ago to ask them about the order and the lady said because of the high demand it was taking long. She said I would receive it that week, however, two weeks has passed. Should I wait longer to call them again because the bag is custom made? I don't want to rush them and have the bag messed up. How long did it take for anyone who purchased the lolli bag to receive it?
  2. I don't know anything about "Lolli" but
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  4. I would def. call them- a month and a half is ridiculous. They should atleast have contacted you and let you know something. What color/size combo did you get? I have recently been looking at their website and I love how they have SOOOO many colors to choose from!
  5. Uhh... I think they're full of it. High demand? those bags were "big" like... 2 or 3 years ago.
    There's no way the demand is still going THAT strong that it shoudl take a month and a half for your bag.
  6. I definately agree they should at least update me on what's going on. I got the bag in medium in the color mahogany. At first, I couldn't decide between chocolate and mahogany but I chose mahogany because chocolate looks almost black. I wanted more of a dark brown. I actually wanted the large bag but $400 is way too much for me. I already feel guilty about spending $300 on a bag but I decided to get it because it's a cute basic hobo bag that goes with most outfits (depending on what color you get). Anyways, I think I will wait one more week to call them.
  7. Call now!! They're making you wait an insane amount of time.. They have your money.. you have no bag.

    They've exceeded their estimated delivery time by way more than enough.
  8. I took your advice Luna. How long am I going to wait?! I waited long enough. I called on Friday a few times but nobody answered so I left a message. I didn't get a call back. I think they might be closed for the holiday. If they don't call back by Sunday then I'll be really pissed off.
    Isn't there anyone here who has purchased the lolli handbag?! How long did it take to get your bag?
  9. wow...I cant believe they are leaving you hangin like this! I have never purchased a lolli bag but have considered it. Let us know if they finally call you or what happens and if you finally do get your bag we would love to see pics!
  10. They didn't call me on Saturday so I called them on Sunday. They said the reason why it was taking so long to get the bag was because they messed up on the first bag so they had to make another one. To make up for waiting so long, they gave me a free belt and mailed the bag express that day. And finally, I received the bag this morning at about 8:30am. The bag is really cute and the mahogany is just the right shade of dark brown I was looking for. Thank God, I chose the medium bag instead of the large one. The medium is big enough. I will post a pic when I figure out how to. The lady I spoke to seems really nice, however, I still think they should have updated me about what was going on. Anyways, what color are you thinking about getting?
  11. Hobos, so glad you finally received your bag.

    Is your bag lined? I know that some of the Lolli bags were not lined... and some of them were lined with this really cheap, thin fabric.
    I'm glad you were compensated with a belt.. and that your bag is great! enjoy!!
  12. Im so glad you finally got ur bag!!! Thats really nice that they gave you a free belt...at least they were cool about the situation. I have been looking at either a red, green, or yellow. I want the medium size with two gold rings. I wish that they had every bag actually pictured and not just a tiny picture of the color, ya know?
  13. The bag is lined with this decent black fabric, however, for a $300 bag they should have lined it with something much better. When I went to the store in person 5 months ago, the handbags on display were lined with some really cheap looking fabric. The lining in the bag they sent me is much better.
    By the way, how do you posts pics here?
  14. On the bottom of the page, you'll see a "Go Advanced" button.. click on that... it'll bring you to a diff. screen.

    Then scroll down again, you'll see a "manage attachments" button... another screen will pop up and you will be asked to choose the photo to upload. Please keep in mind, there is a file size limit to your photo uploads. ;)