Waiting for feedback

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  1. I sold a Dooney & Bourke bag a little while ago but still awaiting for feedback from the buyer. I sold it for a really low price but that's ok, I wasn't really using it anyway. I got confirmation that my item was delivered and I already left him a feedback but he hasn't given me one yet. Should I email and inquire, maybe there was a problem with the bag? I am scared to ask because he probably found something wrong with the bag and instead of leaving me a neutral or neg fb, decided not to leave anything at all. I really need to build up my feedback in order to sell more high-end items. Any suggestions?
  2. You should NEVER leave feedback for a buyer until they leave it for your first.

    This opens the door to leave you a negative for no reason at all, some buyers are like that. And you already left a positive, so you have no recourse.

    And some people never leave feedback at all. I have over 1600 + feedbacks, and there should be another 300 more at least over the years that people never left for me.

    So if someone doesnt leave me feedback, they dont get it form me.
  3. Some buyers just don't leave feedbacks. You could check the feedback he left to other buyers to get some ideas what kind of buyer he is. You could send him an email and say you would appreciate a feedback since feedback is very important to you. Don't need to worry if there is something wrong with the bag. If so, he would have contacted you already.
  4. Thanks ladies for the responses. The buyer was so prompt in payment. He sent payment right after the auction ended so I felt that he deserved a positive right there. I am new to eBay so I wasn't really thinking and I didn't know how to handle this transaction. I shipped the bag right away so I couldn't think of a reason why he would leave me a negative fb. I will remember your tips, I will try and email him and say that I am still waiting for a feedback but I will also remember to wait for the other party first before I give them a fb.
  5. this new stystem of yellow stars seems to put people off leaving feedback , they think its too much hassle ! personally i wouldn't pester for feedback , just put it down to experience ,
  6. ITA!! :yes:

    However, I do follow up with buyers with a friendly reminder message through eBay if I haven't received feedback within a few weeks. Usually once I've sent out this reminder, the buyer will leave me feedback soon after. Sometimes people just forget! ;)
  7. eBay encourages (or rather pushes) its sellers to leave fb first. I used to always do this but now I am getting more and more wary of doing so.

    However, I have emailed buyers and asked them to leave fb, which they often do. Sometimes they forget or they're new to eBay and not used to doing so.
  8. I understand you wanting to build up your feedback. However, feedback is voluntary. Many folks get annoyed if they are asked to leave feedback.

    Sometimes you'll get feedback you don't want if you ask. Better to let it go. Some folks just don't bother and that's their choice.
  9. I'm in the same position. I've lost out on hundreds of lost feedbacks. Oh well - it doesn't define who I am, but it would have been nice. I followup ONCE after about a week - sometimes they remember, sometimes not. There are buyers that just don't leave feedback...but like ohdonna - they'll never get it from me either...
  10. I wait until my buyer leaves feedback. That way I know that they have received the item and are happy with it. If they give me something more than “thank you”, I try to tailor my response to the item. I sold a pair of baby girl golf shoes and on my feedback I said “Hope she grows up 2 b another M. Wie”.
  11. I wanted to sell higher-end items that's why I wanted to build more feedback. I tried listing an item for more than $500 and it's not selling. I was thinking maybe the buyers needed to see more of my feedback so they can have confidence in me. I guess I'll just try to continue selling more and hopefully build up my feedback eventually.
  12. I agree that you shouldn't leave any feedback as a seller until the buyer has left you feedback.

    Just a few weeks ago I made the silly mistake of leaving feedback first - I generally always ship within a day or 2 of the end of the auction and this instance, it took me a couple of days to get to the PO. I felt so bad about shipping it 5 or 6 days later and after I left the feedback, I realized that I had a message from Paypal that the buyer had filed a claim for non receipt of the item. It hadn't even been 7 days since the close of the auction and I thought that was a bit nervy of her. Anyway, she received the item a day or so later (after the weekend) and withdrew her claim with Paypal. Paypal had frozen the funds for that particular claim but reinstated the funds thereafter.

    Lesson learned! Luckily she then left me very positive feedback (she was an ebay newbie) but man, I was scared. I finally got my blue star and have 100% positive feedback.

    Never, ever leave feedback first. I generally don't even bother asking for feedback if I don't get it - I just figure, some people are just like that.
  13. I never ask for feedback any more since one time I did ask and the buyer told me he would report me for harassment! I had only asked once! Lots of nut cases out there!

    So, if they do not leave feedback, I just ignore it and I do not leave any feedback for them.
  14. I hate that people dont leave feedback anymore. Its such a racket.