Waiting for Fed Ex

  1. Well, I thought you might like to join me in my wait. I ordered my new violet city from Aloha Rag and it says it is supposed to arrive tomorrow but it is already in Chicago (I live in the burbs) and the Fed Ex headquarters is about 2 minutes from my house so I am crossing my fingers that it is coming today. No tracking update has happened since Saturday! C'mon Fedex! Get to work!
  2. I can totally relate your excitement! I'm crossing my fingers for u too that it's going to u 2day. Congrats! Remember to post pics!
  3. Oh dear I can totally relate...it's a feeling of anticipation that I love and hate. Can't wait to see pics especially modelling ones.
  4. Is your heart pounding??? Can't concentrate on anything?? ^^ I know that feeling so well. Please post some pics. I am in love with violet and thinking of buying the Day bag soon. Happy waiting~~~
  5. Oh... I love/hate that feeling! Crossing fingers your gorgeous violet city will arrive today!
  6. I am waiting for FedEx man as well, he should be here tomorrow.
  7. There have been no changes on the FedEx tracking thing all day so it seems like it won't come until tomorrow. Usually if it is going to come, it says 'out for delivery'. RATS!
  8. That sucks! Hopefully the tracking info is just a dud in the system and your knight in a big white truck will come through and deliver your beauty today!

    Congrats!!!!!!!! YAHOOO!
  9. I can totally relate, because when my Violet first was on it's way from AR, i miised the Fed Ex guy by a half an hour and had to wait until the next day to go pick it up, otherwise I would have had to wait 2 more days til Monday!
    I feel your Pain! But it will be worth the wait , and AR packages their bags so incredibly well and their leather is the best! My Violet First leather is way better than my Violet City and Step.
    Keep us posted:yes:
  10. the wait is painful. for me, i would rather be out and about then sitting at home waiting for fedex. most times, i just want them to leave the package at my doorsteps but fedex won't do that.

    i have a package coming via fedex too and the site has been updated for my package. don't know why it is not updated for yours.
  11. Hi! The wait is painfulll, but last time I was waiting for a package from AR, the FedEx tracking said it was at the destination center a day earlier than the estimated arrival date, but it didn't go out for delivery until the next day. Guess when it's a 2-Day Shipping thing, they won't do it early?

    Sorry for the heartbreak! But congrats on your new purchase!
  12. At least fedex is delivering today! USPS is closed!
  13. Fingers crossed for you!!! :tup:
  14. oh!! it's still got time!! my fedex packages have been getting here a day earlier than the tracking, but my fedex guy comes after 6. can't wai to see it!
  15. Is the FedEx guy here yet ? :supacool: