Waiting for a Special Order

  1. Hi, ladies this is my second or third post :P in LV subforum because I don't have to much to talk about LV except my Red Epi Speedy 30 :P but I would be grateful if you can tell me normally how long does it take for a special order to be fulfilled (I have been getting conflicting numbers from different sales assistants)?

    Sometime ago I was exploring an option of special ordering a Nomade briefcase that's been discontinued but put it aside. Now that I don't intend to carry my Hermes Sac a Depeche Etriviere anymore, I probably have to be serious about this.

    Thanks in advance for your answers/help!
  2. I've heard that it can range from 3 up to 6 months.
  3. Yes, that is true- I had a special order done and it was finished in 4 months. I have never heard of any SO's taking longer than six months..
  4. I waited 6 months for my special order!!
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