Waiting for a Kooba Meredith (in Blonde)

  1. Hi everyone in the Kooba forum! I don't know what I'm doing up right now as I should be sleeping for work. Anyway, during the Christmas holidays, I was hanging around the PurseForum for quite a bit and rediscovered my love for Koobas. I got caught up in all the sale madness as well and ordered a Meredith in Blonde from Neimans for $379 including tax, free shipping, on the 27th. It's supposed to come tomorrow (shipped on the 28th). After I ordered it that day, I saw that there weren't anymore Meredith bags left on the Neimans website, so I wondered if I got the last one. I hope it's in mint condition. I would hate to get the one that kept being returned and was unwanted for whatever reason. Anyway, I happened to look on the Neimans website just now to see if there were more Koobas on sale (I've been checking everyday), and I saw the Meredith again in Brown, the color I originally wanted. Argh! I hate that. I don't want to order it in Brown and wait for it again. Also, I'm not sure if I'll even like the bag/color in person. Have you heard from anyone about this bag... it's look, functionality, maintenance, etc? Any info would be great.

    I have been pretty fickle with my choice in bags. I will be spontaneous one minute and buy the bag thinking that I had to have it or I might die, only to realize that I don't love it. I've done that with the Fendi buckle bag (gold with canvas...yucky in person), a Chanel bag (looks like a box with chains), a LAMB bag, and a Chloe quilted bay (really heavy with stuff in it). The only bags I've kept and loved were the LV speedy 25 and the YSL croc embossed tribute tote. I've always wanted a Kooba bag, but didn't get one because 1) I don't know which one I want (lots of nice bags) 2) I couldn't get myself to pay full price for one just yet when I know there will be coupon codes, etc.

    Decisions...Decisions. My friend thinks I should return it (it's not her favorite Kooba bag) and thinks I'm settling and just got it b/c it was on sale. Perhaps. Something about it still appeals to me. If I return this, I might want the Devin in leather, not suede. Seems a bit hard to find.

    Sorry for the long post. Just need to share with other Kooba admirers and was hoping for any feedback on the Meredith in Blonde.

    Thanks to all who took the time to read this. :flowers:
  2. I don't have a Meredith, but it is cute. I did see the others on NM for an add'l 25% off the sale price this a.m. you mentioned. I hope you love the bag! If you don't, at least NM has a good return policy. I hope a Meredith owner chimes in w/ a "review" for you!

    I like the Devin though. Have you tried Active Endeavors or Revolve? I remember seeing that style in leather and not suede. I'm not sure though- that's not a bag I've ever hunted down.
  3. I had the Meredith but returned. I liked it but was hesitant about it so I didnt keep it. IMO I think there are better ones out there. I think the Devin would be a much better choice. I wouldnt mind one of those myself!
  4. Thanks shockney and elizat. I got the bag today, and I'm going to return it. This bag isn't for me. It looks too huge on me for a messenger/shoulder bag. The blonde color was nice. It was a lot darker in person compared to the pic on the Nieman's website.

    Gee, I wrote a long post initially, only to decide in 1 minute after seeing it in person that it's going back to the store.
  5. I have the blonde Meredith, and I like it. Good size, not too heavy, and is really a 4-season bag (where I live). You could make it work for just about anything save a formal occasion.