Waiting for a handbag in the mail

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  1. By my estimates, my Chanel bag should arrive today.

    Unfortunately, I live in a college apartment complex in which the mailboxes are centrally located rather far away from me. I've made about 20 trips back and forth to check on the mail.

    Pathetic? A little. But oh so happy? Very.:nuts:
  2. No hun, not pathetic, just completely excited! Please let us know when it arrives! Im waiting for one too:smile:
  3. So exciting, hope it comes today!
  4. I can't wait to see it!
  5. You're just working off calories! LOL!
    Can't wait for you to get it!
  6. Is that pink chanel?! It's cute will you post pics here after???!!!!!!
  7. totally exciting, can't wait to see pics!
  8. I'd be doing it too! :biggrin: I hope you get it and delight is us with pics! :biggrin:
  9. Not pathetic...I did it too when I was in college. Can't wait to see pics of your new Chanel!
  10. I hate waiting for things that I order on the internet. I ordered a Paddy from NAP and it took 2 weeks! I almost drove me crazy. I was constantly on the internet tracking it.

    I hope yours comes today! Make sure to post pics.
  11. It's so hard to wait for good mail. Yet, at the same time, it's so exciting to know that good mail is on the way.... (OK not profound, but...)
  12. not pathetic! excited...addicted...=)
  13. :nuts: YAAAAAY. It's here!

    Wow, it's A LOT bigger than I thought.

    The seller is uber-nice... she sent me a bunch of Estee Lauder makeup samples inside the bag!

    Do you ladies think I should get the strap shortened?

    Here's a pic!

  14. The strap is a bit long. It would look cuter just a bit higher :smile:
  15. CUUUUUUUTE! What kind of opening is at the top of the bag?

    If you're planning on shortening it, see how it looks if the biggest part of the bag rests against the smallest part of your waist (so it follows the natural curve). That's how I would determine where to shorten it.

    Congratulations, what a fantastic bag!