waiting for a gold birkin poll

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  1. Hi Everyone

    I just join PB last week and I have a lack of input since I am new with little knowledge. I wish I could share in everyones joy in owning a birkin but I just got on the waitlist for it.

    My SA told me that the one I want is really in demand and coming across one will be a while.

    I just want to do a poll on how many other ppl is waiting for the same bag: 35cm/gold(togo or clemenance)/gold hardware

    pls tell us how long you have been waiting and your location.

    as for myself

    Time- one month (I know it's not a long time but when you want something really bad it feels like years)

    location- Chicago
  2. Grand Fonds you are so smart! That is what I was going to say!!!!

    Welcome to the forum and have a great time.

    Oh, I am not waiting for gold, so that is one less person you have to worry about!
  3. Ahhh, gold gold gold! I WANT ONE!!! But I want a 30cm!!!
  4. Hi! I am also waiting for the same bag, gold togo gold hardware, drool, preferably in 30cm. They said I will probably see a Gold Vache liagee again before January. I said I would take it if it is 30cm.:nuts:
    I will cross my fingers for both of us!:P Good luck!
  5. good luck star I hope you see it soon!!!
  6. Gold is tentatively "next" for me as well...togo, 35, PH
  7. I've been on a waiting list for four months for this exact bag. Good luck to you, cxyvr!
  8. KB and I are choc-orange gals......you'll have no competition from us!!!!!!!
  9. I just talked to a SA in Chicago and I think they have one in their store. Check it out.
  10. Cxyr- Did you talk to C in Chicago about it? One month is all you'd have to wait? Woah! That is amazing.
  11. yep - I heard about the chicago choc orange, but it's choc with orange piping...I'm waiting for choc with orange stitching.....it's on order, anyway!!
  12. This is making me hungry for chocolate orange.. Sorry to go off-topic, lol. I better grab some lunch.
  13. OOOOOOh a Choco Orange in Chicago??!!! ***runs to Chicago*** J/k

  14. Sorry that was suppose to be 6 months. Typo..