Waiting for a diff. style speedy

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  1. I love my LV Mono speedy very very much! Now I am thinking of getting another speedy in diff. style. Should I go ahead a get a MC Speedy or wait for a new style of speedy to come out ( not really into the Perforated and neo ) What you guys think? Should I wait or get a MC speedy????
  2. Have you considered an epi? I have a Speedy mono 30 and a red epi 25. Since I got the epi I haven't really used the mono.
  3. Thats a tough question. The MC Speedy is such a great bag. But the Damier is coming out soon and wil probably be really popular.

    If you can hold off maybe you should wait a few months and try the Damier on for size once it gets in stores and see what you think. The MC Speedy will always be there.
  4. I think the Epis are very pretty but they are just not as casual, I am a really casual dresser...
  5. I just wonder how many of you guys also waiting for a new style of speedy LOL I really love the shape!!!
  6. Yes, you should wait for the damier speedy to come out. And then you can compare that to the multicolore speedy and the epi speedy as well (the epi speedy is a good consideration - it's fairly "weather-friendly" and it goes well with casualwear too, IMO).
  7. By new style, you mean the metallic ones?
  8. I don't know which new style....I just hoping they will have something new for the speedy coming out... Does anyone know when they will have new style soon????
  9. AWWW eyelove love your kitty!!!:love: SO fat! Is the damier speedy going to be very popular?
  10. YOu should wait and get a Damier Speedy. The Epi Speedys are nice but they're not a casual everyday bag like the Mono. Let us know what yo decide.
  11. I know maybe I should just wait.....now i really want to see some new Speedies!!! Marc hurry up an d get something done! HEEHEE
  12. Yea, I know what you mean!...I love :love: the shape as well. Sometimes I regret giving my Speedy Mono 30 to my niece (she loves it, so much) I figured when I got my MC Speedy, I wouldn't want my Mono 30....:sad: I was wrong! If you love the Speedy shape take a look at the MC Speedy....it's really beautiful and you can dress it up or down too! By the way, I'm getting the Damier Speedy, it'll help me get over the loss of my Mono Speedy ;) .
    Here's a pic of my MC Speedy to tempt you...:biggrin: !

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  13. Ahhhh pursemama you are soooo evil!!!! JK Yes the MC black is on my wishlist for sure!!! I somehow love it better than the white, gorgeous!But I seriously love my mono speedy too even tho it the most common!
  14. The Epi speedy is nice...
  15. I'd go for the Epi.