Waiting for a Chanel to be delivered?! What is it?

  1. Well.. For me.. I'm waiting for my sister to come back to Hong Kong.. She has my dark gold reissue!!!
  2. Rica.... remember to post pics once it arrives.... we are all waiting..:wlae::drool:
  3. can't wait to see the pics:yes:
  4. We are excited for you...pictures!!!!:tup:
  5. Rica, can't wait!!! Congratulations!!!

    Please update us with collection pics...:drool::drool::drool:
  6. LOL! I was asking you guys what Chanels are you waiting to be delivered! Not only me! LOL!

    About my Dark Gold Reissue?! Hmmm.. My sister's going to pick it up in the Post Office first thing in the morning tomorrow. Should be this morning but unfortunately, the lady in the post office is too strict. (She forgot the slip and her ID), and supposed to be delivered last Saturday, but I don't know where she went! LOL! I told her to get some pics to thrill me up and fetch her up to the airport though! Haha!
  7. I saw a lady wearing this and I must say, it was beautiful.

    Congrats. Can't wait to see the pics.
  8. oh dear...I guess I misled everybody ...haha...
  9. ^ lol!

    Well, to get back on track, I'm waiting for a dark silver reissue 226 (unless I can get my hands on a 225...:biggrin:)
  10. I am waiting for the large black Diamond Stitch to be delivered in July!!
  11. I'm waiting for the new expandable tote. I'm guessing july/august.
  12. There was an attempt delivery today at my house, but unfortunately I was at work at the time.
    They will come back on Thursday, because Wednesday doesn't suit me. Can't wait till it's finally Thursday!
  13. For me it was my jumbo flap with new chain. Yay it arrived today, check out my thread for pics
  14. i waiting for my vintage jumbo flap and my HG - patent blush flap to come! vintage will be here this thursday and patent will be coming next week!
  15. i was waiting for my dark silver reissue, but it arrived today!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: