waiting 3 months after miscarriage...

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  1. We just went through a miscarriage early november, i was 13 weeks pregnant, well my doctor asked us to wait atleast 3 months to try again, what if u have an "accident" in between? will it affect the baby or be a high risk for miscarriage again?
  2. I don't know, but I'm sorry for your loss.
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. I've went through a miscarriage before too and I've waited 3 months also. Most OBs will ask you to wait for 2-3 months so that your body can recover and so as your mind. Want to make sure your AF arrives normally again before trying. I've read some of the posts on other forums that there are some girls that got pregnant right after a miscarriage and lead to a healthy pregnancy after also. I guess its a matter of " will you be able to take it if something went wrong again? going through the whole process again?" I guess there's a reason why the OB will ask you to hold off for 3 months.
  4. like bearyt said, im sure it's so that your body has chance to recover after the miscarriage. im so sorry for your loss :hugs:
  5. This is a controversial thing. Mainly, it's to let your mind recover, to rebuild your mineral/vitamin levels and to recover mentally. Though, there is no real proof that waiting one month, two months three months or a year matter really.

    if you had unprotected sex or have decided to try again, that is YOUR decision and no, it's not that it will mean you are more likely to miscarry because you didn't want the 3 months.
  6. So sorry - miscarraige is an awful thing, I too had one at 13 weeks and it is awful. I waited 3 months merely to give myself a break, sleep, eat well and recover. I personally think it benefitted me enormously and I got pregnant again soon after. The choice is of course yours - we are all different! Best wishes to you.
  7. i'm so sorry for your loss...i miscarried in may (though very early) and was able to try again immediately after. i have pcos and took clomid to ovulate, so it was MD ok'd, though my situation was different due to such an early loss. i do think that the waiting period is to allow the mind as well as the body to recover, and i agree that there is no "correct" time period to wait. while i have heard that a repeat miscarriage is more likely immediately after, i think it can go either way. good luck in your ttc!
  8. So sorry for your loss :flowers: I too had a m/c summer of '08 but i also waited about 3 months then i got pregnant on the first try. So be hopeful! :smile:
  9. So sorry for your loss. I have never had a m/c, but I know it must be devastating....my SIL suffered a m/c and got pg within 6 weeks (she wasn't trying), she now has a healthy 3 year old girl...I could see why most Dr's want you to wait 3 months, though, gives your mind and body some time to heal...good luck!
  10. so sorry for your loss
    I am going through one right now myself. I was only probably 2-3 weeks along tops so it was very early and I am wondering what my doc will say at my appt Tuesday. I would imagine being further along when it happens may require more healing time.
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Like someone else mentioned, when a baby is lost early on they even sometimes refer to it as a "chemical pregnancy" and little wait time is involved but if you were that far along, many things have to happen , usually at least a few normal cycles so that your hormones and uterus can get back to normal before you conceive again so that you can have a better chance to carry to full term. I would just follow what your dr says , even though it is hard. 3 months will go by pretty fast and will be totally worth it. Hugs and best wishes !
  12. We were trying to conceive for almost a year and a half (with the help of clomid) and we finally got pregnant. I had a miscarriage and was devastated. We were instructed to wait one month and then we did two more cycles of clomid. We conceived on our second cycle. I think each doctor's recommendation is different. I am sorry for your loss.
  13. Sorry for your loss. MC is a hard thing to deal with and somethimes the best thing to heal it is another baby. I had a hard time dealing with the mc I told myself something was wrong with that baby and that God would give her back to me when it was better and ready to be carried to term. With that being said I carried my first baby to 11 weeks I was due in april of 2001 I got prego somewher around four months or so after the mc and I had my first born who is now 7 and quite healthy and full of energy october of 2001. Good Luck
  14. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I miscarried at 11 weeks in August. My OB said to wait a period. It ended up being too irregular to track, so I waited until the next cycle, where I conceived again. My OB didn't seem surprised that it hapened so fast. I ended up miscarrying AGAIN at 9 weeks, but it wasn't an implantation issue or anything b/c of it being too soon- it was trisomy 16. Now I am being tested- full mc panel at a perinatologist. OB said I could try after one period again but I'm waiting for all the test results to try. Emotionally, I feel ready again. It was so awful the first time, but the second time I knew I could handle it b/c I'd been through it before. Good luck!
  15. Thank you everyone for your support, it has been hard but i feel emotionally better.
    When i first posted this i was experiencing some minor nausea and i didnt think nothing of it but in the back of my head i was wondering what if im pregnant? Since it was too soon after my m/c i didnt really take it seriously, but then i didnt get my period that month and i still havent to this day and im starting to think i might be. Im experiencing the same symptoms from my first pregnancy so i did a hpt but they were inconclusive too blurry. Has anyone had missed periods after a m/c or D&C?