Waitin' no longer for new Hermes . . .

  1. Remember that thread early last week that shopmom started askin' about what we were waitin' for? You know, the one where she said she wasn't waitin' for much but like a scarf and a charm and then a few days later she's posting pics of her beautiful new vintage marroon box Kelly? Well, I mentioned that I was waitin' for something in black chevre---and hooray! it finally arrived. Can I share it with you?
    Hermesbox.jpg [​IMG]
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  3. i know everyone wants to get to the contents right away, but i have to say, i just LOVE the picture of the box.
  4. Gently untie the ribbon...

    Now carfeully lift open the box top....

    Lovingly unfold the tissue paper....



    Oh...Hurry Please!!!!!
  5. Here she is emerging from the nice long nap she had while she travelled towards me:[ATTA[​IMG]CH]149179[/ATTACH]
  6. Oh C'mon! We need some action around here!!!!:nuts:
  7. Oh boy, OH BOY, a BIG orange box and an orange sleeper bag and handle sticking out :happydance:

    It's a Kelly......IT'S A KELLY!!!
  8. C'mon, Quinn's Mom--don't you have any more of those dollars for her????
  9. Come on, Maggie, ya' tease!!!!

    Quinns' Mom, get those singles out, I just gave all my singles to the delivery guy.
  10. Take it off!!! Woohoo!!! *wolf call*
  11. MAGGIED - you stop it you tease!!! We want it noW!!
  12. C'mon we need a better strip tease than this guy!

  13. She's still a little shy, but doesn't mind showing you her spine . . . [​IMG]
  14. ^^^OMG!!! where's her frontside???

    (Hey, QM, what's with that stripper's dung hampers???!!!)
  15. beautiful!