Waited 3 months: Should I get it now, or later? ***Dilemma***

  1. Ladies & Gents:

    Help me decide!! I have been in the wait list for this like... forever.

    I had a chance to get the Trevi PM in November when my SA called me and told me it was in stock. Unfortunately I was unable to purchase it then because I was at the hospital (had a newborn!), so they had to give it to the next waitlister. Later I found myself drooling over all tpfers' Trevis, but they were all sold out nationwide. I couldn't locate one anywhere! I regreted I didn't pay with CC over the phone with my SA so she could hold that one for me. I asked to be put back on the wait list.

    After waited for more than a month, I couldn't wait any longer to get a new bag, and I really like the Neo Cabby GM, so I purchased that one in January and very happy with it. I figured the wait list is long, and I'd have to wait until March/April before they have the Trevi in stock again.

    Yesterday, my SA called me and told me she had one Trevi PM came in and ask me if I wanted it. I went and asked my DH permission first before I commit to another LV purchase. Surprisingly, my DH said "Okay" but he did say this will be my last LV bag. Of course I had to agree with him at the moment, so I said "yes, this will be my last LV bag... this year". I called my SA back and told her I'd come by today to pick it up.

    Now, I am hesitating if I should really get the Trevi PM or not because I feel bad about buying 2 big ticket items in a month. I've been staying home since November, and do not have income since December. I am the primary income provider for my family, so I feel like I should be more responsible about spending? But if I don't get it now, I think I will regret it like I did in November... :sad: Either way, I think I will feel sad.

    **EDIT: On top of the Neo Cabby GM, I also purchased a new agenda, bandeau and a shirley MC .. all in January**

    What would you do, if you were in my position? To buy it now, or to buy it later? PLEASE HELP.... THANKS EVERYONE!!
  2. Hm... is this bag worth going on a ban for? I was debating between the same two bags and I went with the cabby as well. I still like the Trevi but I have never regretted my decision to get the cabby instead. Good luck. If you love the Trevi enough, it's worth it but if you think you will fall in love with other things this year (it's only Feb and the Trevi is permanent), I would wait.
  3. there is still 10 months left in the year.. that is a LONG time to be on a ban... think real hard... if it were me I wouldn't do it (especially since you just got a bag last month)... hope this helps :smile:
  4. I say if you can afford it go for it otherwise wait.
  5. I'd get it if I were you - it's a very versatile bag that can really take the abuse (on the days that denim cannot handle the weather !).

    And if you pass up on her now, it may be a while before another one pops up for you.. and it may be your last bag of the year then anyways !
  6. Depends on how much you love this bag, or will your heart fall in love with some of the new releases the next few months.
    Is this one "made in France" or one of the one "made in USA" If it is USA then they will become more plentiful in the next few weeks as the California factory catches up with demand..
    I like my bags made in france, so I go with the early releases because they come from the french factory
    Congrats on new baby and whatever you decide
  7. id wait--- ur already second thinking it--- i dont think u really love it--- wait - thats my opinion...
  8. My first reaction: GET IT!!!!!! But that's because Trevi is my absolute dreambag! :love:
    If you really love it and can't stop thinking about it, get it now. If you have doubts, then wait.
  9. I think it depends on how much you love it. If you love it enough to feel content for the rest of the year, then go for it. It's a gorgeous bag. I'm hoping to get one someday.
  10. Go for it....I am loving the ebene Berkley right now...I love the Trevi but, then they brought out the Berkley and I like it more...watch them bring out something else soon....
  11. Thank you everyone for your inputs.......

    Ayla: you totally read my mind. I always wanted something in Damier Ebene for all weather bag. I have Mono, MC, Denim, Epi, and now just need 1 Damier to fulfill my collection?

    girlsgottoshop, Phédre, suzie w: I do love this bag. I am hesitating for no reasons, I guess :confused1:

    newcitylady: I never put that in my considerations... very interesting. SA told me only 1 available, so I will have no choice whether it is made in France or USA. I will definitely inspect the bag before I purchase though, after reading all the defectiveness in LV products.
  12. Being a mom for a newborn is hard, so think it as a reward for yourself. I guess you already thought like that when you bought Neo Cabby ;)
  13. beljwl: I can afford it, but I just thought I shouldn't be spending that much that soon... am I making sense??
  14. Well, if DH said okay then go for it!

    Okay, you'll pay your pennance by going on a ban for the next 7 months. But, that really isn't bad especially if you really love and want the bag. Besides, you could probably sneak with smaller items like a cles or a key chain if you really need some retail therapy. :yes:
  15. ^^^ I got the Trevi PM!!! I am so happy!! The bag is so gorgeous!!! Darn NY tax is so expensive! But I am so happy with the bag!!!