Wait! What's this suppose to be?

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  1. ;) okay, they said this purse was "inspired by Fiore" But what the heck was it inspired from? I can't find it, and I cartianly don't want it if it's too close to Fiore's original design...:sad: So can you guys help me out!:biggrin:

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  2. I have been obsessed with IF lately and haven't seen anything that looks like that. My guess is that they are saying that the brass studding and the petal-like cutouts are "fiore-inspired" since those themes feature prominently in their line.... but not in the same way. Who makes that bag?
  3. i agree, i don't think they're a direct ripoff of anything (at least nothing that i've seen), they're just kind of...reminiscent. the brass ring and studs, cutouts, etc. but hey, if they recognize their inspiration, it couldn't matter less to me as long as it's not a direct rip of a specific bag. they're being a lot more honest than a lot of people.
  4. I know where this is from!!!!

    Sorry I am basking in my own self knowledge..lol

    It's from

    They use to only sell a line called melie bianco.(she insipred bags from other designers) Now their selling anything inspired. I got off from buying anything from them when they started selling 'mirror image' fendi spy's that ticked me off.

    But anyone who goes to the site. They have alot of inspired, could almost pass as a 'replica' bags.