wait till i loose weight or buy fall clothes now?

  1. Hey all, so hopefully tomorrow the doctor will give me the okay to exercise and move around again. I still need to loose inches of flab all around but do I wait till I actually can when it comes to jeans and work trousers and such? DO I wait to loose the 10 lbs? 5? This may sound hysterical but should I get one of those power pantie spanx contraptions and wear that while I shop to see if it fits well when I'm that size?
  2. I think if you are planning on losing weight in the near future you should wait, because if you buy clothes now you may not be able to fit in them in a month of two- which will be a shame. I would wait until you come to a weight you know you are going to stay at and so even if you do lose a bit of weight after that your clothes will still fit. Good luck with the weight loss btw!
  3. If I were you, I'd buy a few stretchy basics in the size below your current one, now and also any items, you may want, that aren't so dependent on size; like oversized tops (also in the size below), wraps, etc. :yes:

    But I'd leave buying the fitted, non-stretchy items you mention, until you have lost the weight and/or toned up again. :smile:

    Having said that, if you desperately need some trousers to wear now (and leggings worn with long tops are too casual), maybe get a pair, or two, with plenty of stretch, in the smallest size you can wear without looking bulgy? Then they should, hopefully, see you at least half way through your weight-loss.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better, aarti! :biggrin:
  4. I'd buy some things now that are stretchy like Cholehandbags suggested. IMO nothing is worse then feeling overweight and not having anything nice to wear. Also, I'm sure you'll want to lose slow and steady and not put too much pressure on yourself. Good luck!
  5. i would wait because buying clothes as a "reward" after losing weight is great motivation. don't worry! the stuff you want to buy will still be around, and maybe even on sale, if you wait!
  6. Over the last year, I've lost 57 lbs. (I still have about 10 lbs to go.) So, I speak from experience when I suggest wrap dresses, wrap tops and skirts. When a skirt starts to get a little big, then it just sits lower on the waist, so you get keep them for a couple of sizes.
  7. You should buy clothes now but not a huge investment if you think you are going to lose weight. You should look and feel great no matter what you weigh.
  8. lol what is this power pantie ur talking about?? it sounds interesting!
    but yeah i say wait!! plus you can probably get them on sale too if you wait a while longer! =)
  9. ^^ I agree. And Spanx will NOT give you an accurate representation of your future size when you try on clothes. How you lose weight will differ from how a control garment holds you in, and clothes fit and drape differently with Spanx on.

    You absolutely should look and feel great no matter what your size, but try to invest in wrap styles or styles with stretch that are forgiving to weight fluctuations until you are closer to your desired size.
  10. I say buy what you want now in a smaller size, to motivate you to work out so you can actually wear what you bought put those clothes to good use!
  11. I'd recommend you get a few basics that you can mix and match right now, and wait for the real splurge after you've reached your ideal weight. It's what I'm doing at the time hehe.
  12. I wouldn't buy clothes that don't fit just because you intend on losing weight... my mom has been doing that for 20 odd years, none of it fits to this day :lol:
  13. I think you should buy what fits you now, you'll feel better about yourself if you have clothes that fit properly. Just don't buy too much though.
  14. I think this is really good advice! I might also add that having nice clothes generally makes one feel better about oneself which can only improve all aspects of our lives. So, I think you should buy a few "basics" as noted by chloebags. Also, not exactly clothes, but nice accessories don't have a size, so it might be fun to purchase some new ones too!

  15. This is how I feel. I would buy things that aren't really fitted or stretchy like wrap tops, wrap dresses, sweaters, etc. Then fill in a few cheap pieces from places like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, etc. That way the investment pieces will still work and you won't go nuts if you have to throw out the cheap pieces. In the meantime you will still look good.