Wait -- there's bronze?

  1. So, I've been coveting pewter for a while, but was just checking the color reference thread, and saw that there's my ultimate favorite...bronze. I had no idea. I never see much about it. Is bronze completely and totally impossible to get one's hands on? Is that why I didn't know it existed (other than my newness to the whole Bbag thing, which is the primary reason)? Or does everyone just like pewter better? It would go perfectly with my favorite Miu Miu shoes -- I love them so much that I bought two pairs of the same shoes, so that I have a backup when the first pair wears out.
  2. Kimberf, I loooove metallics and have a gorgeous Silver City myself - although my original love was pewter, but I would have settled also for a bronze. These metallics were made for the holiday season in 2005, so I guess the only way to find them would be through eBay or consignment stores.
  3. Bronze is beautiful. Of course, I also love the silver, pewter, and limited edition gold colors from the 2004 and 2005 seasons. I really wish that Bal would bring make some metallics again, but they don't seem to be on the horizon at the moment. Sometimes they pop up online, so keep looking if it's what you love.
  4. I don't think bronze is quite as coveted as pewter, so maybe that's why you haven't seen it discussed as much. Here are a couple of pics from the celeb thread:


  5. Wow that bronze is beautiful!
  6. It is beautiful, though I'm a little unsure about having the same bag as Rachel Zoe and Pink (no offense to any fans of either of them, they're just not my style). I'll see if I ever find one and go from there. I'm a strawberry blond/light auburn-haired girl, so it should be perfect on me if it turns up!!
  7. It's very nice colr!! Thanks for the picture, have never seen it before too.
  8. yup. i love the look of the metallics. the metallic magenta is gorgeous. also, i believe it was harvey nichols that had a limited edition metallic gold. decophile has one... if i can find the picture i will post it.
  9. the bronze looks like its a nice change to the normal browns... great for summer!
  10. wow...that is a beautiful color