Wait lists - how do I know for sure they'll call me?

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  1. I need advice please. I'm on the wait list at Neiman's and Bergdorf's for a Spring/summer act 2 bag. I've checked in here and there but no bag yet. Now yesterday I see the boutiques are starting to get Pre Fall bags in. How is this possible when the previous season isn't even out yet? Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. Well Spring/Summer Act 2 is definitely out and I know my Neimans is getting pre Fall in like two weeks. However, they may still be getting a final shipment or two of Spring/Summer so your bag may turn up. I once waited on a Valentine Flap for like two months after I originally saw it in store, they knew they were getting one more and it was mine but were not sure when it was coming in. In my experience at Neimans and Saks if they know they are expecting to get the bag they will call you.

  3. I suggest you read our FAQ for delivery time by collection


    It's fairly common there's overlap between seasons and not all 16S items are out yet
  4. Some stores even have waiting lists for bags that are sold out, but may get returned. I was shopping yesterday when someone returned a Rainbow Boy and they went right to the wait list! That caused quite a commotion!

  5. Wow that's good to know!