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  1. I have a pretty basic question

    When do the waitlist open? For instance, when the spring 07 show happens in October, at what point after can you go to LV and put your name on the list. I was on the list for Fall 06 by luck. I just happened to be in the store and my SA showed me the catalog with the bags and I got on the list. I don't ever want to miss the oppurtunity again . . . so please help :confused1:
  2. Just ask SA, they will tell you when the wait list open. If it's not open yet, they normally ask your phone # so they can call you when it's open.

    I don't know the exact time when they start the wait list or how long before the items were launched.

    What bags are you interested in ?
  3. I just want to get on the llist for the limited items in every season. I got the mono leopard and the cherry blossom papilion. I will wait and see what I like that appears with the fashion show on Oct 8th.

    I was just wondering approx time frame. Like if the list opens weeks or months after the lines appear on the runway
  4. i usually go in quite regularly - 2-3 weeks and let them know that i've seen something that i'm interested in. they pull out a book (if they have one) and then i go thru it... then i ask to be put on the list for this one, and that one, and this one and that one! hahahaha

    no seriously. this is what i do.
  5. I cannot wait for the spring items to be previewed~! I can't believe no one has any hints of previews yet!
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