Wait List- Yeah right???

  1. I called all over the USA looking for a black baby cabas- to much disappointment the bag is no where to be found as we all know. Many SA offered to put my name on the wait list. I recently visited two Chanel boutiques- NM- Coral Gables and Dallas and asked to see if my name was on their wait list and guess what??? It was not! Are they lying and not placing names on the list?
    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: Yes, I called these stores and they supposedly placed my name on the list.
  2. Are those the stores you waitlisted at?

    If not, then no, your name should not be on them.
  3. Did you request that you name be wait listed at that store? If then you may need to speak to a manager
  4. this happened to me at the chanel Nordstrom in mall of america...
    i called them a while back and the person on the phone said that i will be put on the wait list and i should hear from them in a couple of weeks. well a month went by and i called the store back... guess what i have never been put on the list.... the person on the phone said that the store is new and theyw ere just trying to get their act together... and offered to put me on the list.
    yeah right.... how do i know i will actually be on the list this time....?
  5. that's frustrating if the store's not near you! I was quite paranoid about the baby cabas waitlist and I went there a second time "to check what my position was" :p
  6. this happened to me three!! i called bloomies, new york to have my name waitlisted for the GST and this was some time before the price increase to $1750. All of a sudden, i hear these rumors about another price increase on april 1st, so i frantically called bloomies to check if anything came in. Yes, GSTs did come in, but my name wasn't on the list!!! sometimes you wonder whats wrong with these s/a's.. why won't they do their job??!
  7. uchhh!! i knew it. I was told two months ago I would get a call within a week from both Boca's NM and the boutique at Bal Harbour for a beige GST. still waiting.....