Wait List/Stock question


May 2, 2012
So i tried to do a search but didn't really come up with anything so I thought I would ask here. If it's in the wrong place, please let me know.

1. Generally for an item that comes into the store, how many of each item do stores get? Like if there's a waiting list for a seasonal pink woc does anyone know roughly the range of stock that they would get? Would it be like 1 to 2 bags or would it be more like 10?

2. Are waiting list store specific or SA specific?

3. Also if they sell out of those items for that seasonal item would that list get discarded and you would just be stuck waiting indefinitely?


Mar 20, 2015
Inventory is more like a few (max) for each item and that's not common. But it probably won't be as much as 10. When I waitlist for an item (especially a hard-to-get or popular item), the one my SA gets is usually the only one. Even though not Chanel, but according to my LV SA, the "days of getting multiples of an item is way over!".

Waiting list, to my knowledge, is store specific. Someone please correct me if wrong.

Seasonal items may show up at a later time (emphasis on the may), either from a return or for whatever reason. I recently purchased a brand new wallet from Chanel and the tag says it's from 2014.


Nov 5, 2015
From asking around various Chanel stores in Canada, the quantity of purses that they receive for seasonal items is dependent on the buyers of the store. They target to the "buyers preference" of their store.

Dependent on the stores, they may have a SA wait list or store wait list. Wait list are usually for items that are popular and get sold quickly. Usually the SA's will tell you if there is a wait list for the items that you are looking to buy.


Nov 3, 2013
San Francisco, CA
1. A few at most. Sometimes only 1.

2. You should work with an SA so that they can contact you when the item arrives. Otherwise many times there might be a wait list but if there's no one "watching" out for you, the purse might be put on display and sold to someone walking in.

3. Pretty much when the seasonal item is over, the list is thrown out since there's no product to wait for. You'd have to wait to see if the product or something similar comes back next season. You can ask the SA to check other locations to see if they can have it shipped.