wait list question?

  1. does anyone know when gucci.com gets back to you about being on a wait list? im on the waitlist for the joy medium boston but it said that it could be shipped anywhere from in a few days till march?
  2. I have no idea but I've seen a few items that were wait list only one day and the next they had the item in stock. I've also back ordered an item...the mini french mono wallet in white trim, hopefully it gets here sooner than March!:confused1:
  3. Yeah, I wanted to know too. All of the items except one (my least favorite <_<) I picked were on waitlist/pre-order. =(
  4. i'd like to know too. i ordered a key chain/key ring and it let my order go through so i assume it was still in stock. then, a few days later, i receive an email telling me that they're locating my item and will get back to me. this is very frustrating.
  5. i've been in gucci store and i ordered gucci belt...in a sand colour and i'm alredy waiting 2 months,,,
    and my friend just told me..she is on a wish list for the chanel earrings and she will be waiting 8-9 months....
  6. wth I just orded my gucci wave bag and it said the item can ship anywhere from 12/31 to 3/31 arghhh
  7. Good news! I got an email from Gucci.com and my mini french wallet is shipped so I didn't have to wait till March. So hopefully your stuff comes back in stock soon. :yes:
  8. i hope my dream belt will be on me soon...
  9. got my confirmation today yea my bag should be here on the 3rd!
  10. Yay! Good to hear! My wallet delivered yesterday, now I just gotta pick it up at my MIL's house!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. i guess it would depend on the bag and when it is released wouldn't it? if its a limited edition bag then it might be a while or you might not be able to get it at all. maybe you should call and check