Wait List Obligations

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  1. I'm going to San Fran this summer and intend on going into LV to buy a few things, but I'm really interested in getting on the wait list for one of those metallic Vernis keepalls. Here's where my question comes into play: I would like to be on the wait list, but I would really like to see it and make the final judgement before I buy. If I am put on the wait list and come to get it when it comes, am I obligated to buy it? I've never been on a wait list before so any advice would we helpful!:biggrin:
  2. Over here if you're on the list and dont want it thats fine.
  3. You're not obligated to buy the bag so... wait list away!!!
  4. Thanks Everyone!:biggrin: Does anyone know if it's a limited edition, or will it be here to stay? (if it's limited I might add a Speedy as an investment:idea: )
  5. I'm guessing it will be limited, but I don't know for sure.
  6. It'll probably be limited, but then again, LV may pull a fast one and make it a permanent part of their line like with the multicolore.
  7. I know the Neiman here requires that you put down a CC number in order to hold it. I have no idea why because they charge you before you even come in to look at it. Maybe they've changed but that's what my mom had to do with my MC Alma.
    As for the metallic vernis bags, I think it'll be along the same lines as the fuchsia/peppermint/marshmallow vernis' were. They'll probably just release them for fall and winter, then stop producing and selling them for spring 07.
  8. at my lv store you can cancelle any time.
  9. I frequent the SF store alot and I have never been forced to buy the bag if im on the waitlist, but depending on the forcasted demand they can ask you for your CC # to hold your spot and bag, which in my eyes is a great idea because it weeds out those people who arent serious about buying, but more or less just looking at the bag
  10. If you leave one it's somewhat likely that they'll charge it to your card and send it to you before you even see it...

    That's what an SA told me, and so I didn't leave my CC card #...
  11. hmm the LV in south coast takes down ur CC# and charges your card and calls you when the item is in.. and when you come in you can return it if you don't like it.

    but the LV in Saks South Coast doesn't take your CC# and just calls you..

    I don't know what's better.. Global boutique, get faster & get charged or small store-sub-boutique wait longer, and not get charged. haha.
  12. You're not obligated to buy anything.
  13. I think it might be a new line for the monograme (like Multicolor?? not sure if the multicolor is or not? ;0 ) but I've seen this line in the picture in some magazine not so long ago, it might be a specail order of someone I dont know, but it is on the display where they told a history of the keepall in the Louis Vuitton boutique in Hong kong!! :smile:
  14. I put my name on the list for the Damier Speedy at the LV in SF yesterday. They said if you give a cc# you don't have to buy, you can change your mind after you see it. You didn't have to give the cc#, but then the people who did would be in line ahead of you.
  15. talking about limited edition.. I heard rumours that the perforated is going to be in production till end of this year? Is it true? Anyone heard of this?
    What about the onatah suede line? is it till end of this year too?