Wait list? How does one get on it?

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  1. I want to get on the wait list for a pink denim piece. Either the Neo Speedy or a Baggy GM. Do I call my boutique or the 1866 number? What is needed to get on the wait list? I pay in cash for everything I buy, can I not get on the wait list because of that? Thanks for your help! :amuse:
  2. I think it's best to call your local boutique. I would go in person, because it seems the boutique itself does the waiting list.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, all you need is a name and number to get yourself on the waiting list. The need for a credit card number is only in the case that you want the store to send you the purse immediately once it arrives but it could be different from store to store. I've never dealt with the 866 number for waiting lists...just the store.
  4. ^^ Ditto. They just pulled out a book, took down my name and number and called me when it came in !
  5. Name, number, and CC info.

    THats all they need. :smile:
  6. Sorry baby but you will definitly need a CC.
  7. Ditto to what LVgirly and Ayla said, it depends on the store. Some stores require you to provide them with CC info while other stores just take down your name and number and call you.
  8. Thanks guys for the info. I'll call LV Manhasset, Soho, and the flagship store on 57th and 5th, to see if any of them do not require CC information.

    As much as I love the fact that one doesn't need the money now to get something they want (the beauty of credit)... I would rather save the cash, and not get myself into an abyss of debt (the ugly of credit).
  9. When I inquired about the Damier Speedy the lady pulled out a book and I only had to leave my name and phonenumber. I think it varies in different stores.
  10. I've been on waitlists without putting down a CC, maybe you can just give them a number and say you'd prefer to pay with cash on arrival? I'm sure you can just give your name and # though.
  11. Just go in person and ask, that's all.