Wait for Reg HW LE Magenta or Not


Wait for Reg HW LE Magenta or Cut Bait & Go Fish for Something Else?

  1. Wait until Sep/Oct for delivery

  2. Cut bait and go fish for another pretty bag

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  1. So the poll of the moment ;)

    Now that we know Reg HW LE Magenta won't arrive until to BalNY until sometime in mid-Sep

    . . . should I (we) wait for the Regular Hardware Limited Edition Magenta City to be delivered sometime in Sep/Oct (we hope!!!)


    . . . should I (we) cut our losses and find something else we will love just as much????
  2. I am cutting loooooossse! Filled out a dispute for that charge today and hopefully Discover card would rule in my favor. I am planning on getting the Juane Day over a violet city ... but now I can get both if I can get my money back :graucho:.
  3. Hi "D"!!! i think you should wait til September/October... it will be worth waiting for since you've wanted it for sooooooo long and waited for sooooooo long! you'll be kicking yourself if you didnt wait and when its delivered and you see it on others! I mean how long does that "dispute" process take? if its gona take time... then maybe by the time you've got your $ back... the bags would've arrived??? you've waited this long... whats another month or two really for something you know you'll love? Just my two cents! :p
  4. I love your decisiveness lingtsui!!

    I am waffling like crazy.

    One moment I think FORGET IT, this a HANDBAG and not an engagement!!
    The next moment I think what they heck, I have waited so long already. Plus if I get my money back now it will just disappear into my Visa card statement.


    Someone please make up my mind for me!! :wacko:
  5. Ali, I think you are right: when it comes I will be KICKING myself for not getting it!!! :bagslap: But I feel like the joy has been sucked out of this. And it has nothing to do with PF 'group think' :winkiss: I expect way more than this from companies I give $1200 to.

    RE: the dispute process -- a) I believe that Bal will issue refunds if they are pressed and b) the refund from Visa is instantaneous while they investigate that charges.
  6. i agree with addicted!! you've waited this long already. unless you have another color you really want, then file the dispute. it'll be worth the wait if you really love the color. i had the same problem and i decided to settle rather than wait for one of my "really " want bags to show up. i ended up really regretting it!! :push:
  7. You know how I voted. Cut your losses and get something else. After all there is magenta next spring. At this rate the new magenta will be here before our special orders.
    I'm disgusted with them. I feel they took advantage of us and that we were lied to from the get go. They can make 1000's of new fall colors but they can't manage to make a few magentas. Give me a break. They are in no hurry because they already have our money. They don't have mine anymore. Sticking with contested charges.
    I'm sure these will be popping up all over eBay, and who knows the new spring magenta may be much prettier.
  8. I totally agree with Powder. Cut your losses at this point.
  9. As soon as you dispute the credit is instantly on your credit card. You don't have to wait. Then the ball is in Balenciaga's court to explain themselves. They won't win the dispute should they even choose to fight it.
  10. I am sure you are right Powder. There will be plenty on eBay and likely plenty in the store itself post-Sep.

    If there were another bag to divert my money to, I definitely would. :yes:
  11. I value your opinion :heart: thanks for weighing in hun.

    But darnit, I want a new bag!! A new Magenta!!

    [insert tantrum here] :p

  12. I think you should wait some more, you can always sell it later if you decide not to keep it.

    I can just imagine your facial expressions when you get your Magenta delivered and you open the box!!!

    :sweatdrop: turns to :nuts: then :drool: and finally :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Or when the new spring magenta comes out, :drool: and you look at the old magenta that you you waited for an prepaid 4.5-5 months with nothing and go :sad: .
    Or you get your money back now and buy it on Ebay or TMP. With the magenta and bubblegum, 2 pinks coming out in spring of '08, I highly doubt these are going to be hard to get ahold of if we want one. That's my reasoning and I'm not changing MY mind. It was charged May 14th. So August 1st would be 2 1/2 months NOT 4-4 1/2.
  14. I feel like such a MORON for passing up so many pretty and reasonably priced Magentas over the last four months!!!!
  15. I decided: I'm out.

    That is a HUGE relief for me.

    DH and I have a general rule of thumb: if you are working too hard to have a good time, then it's probably not worth it.