Wait for HG patiently or get something at the interim?

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Wait or Buy Now?

  1. Wait patiently for the HG, do not stray....

  2. Get Black Birkin Now while waiting

  3. Get Colorful Lindy Now while waiting

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have already placed an order with Hermes Store for a 30cm Birkin in Gris Tourterelle. This will be my 1st H bag. However, its unlikely to be here till next year, but according to the SA, she is pretty sure I will receive it within 8mths!

    I have the opportunity to get a preowned 30cm Black Birkin or a colorful Lindy at the mean time. Shall I take the plunge or shall I just save all the money and wait patiently for my order to arrive?
  2. I have a 30cm GT Birkin, such a beautiful bag and the color is so usefull... It is worth waiting for...
  3. if you splurge now... what happens when your HG arrives? it is okay to splurge as long as you don't sacrifice your HG!

    8 months is not that long to wait...
  4. wait
    i use my gris t like a black bag, and if u want a birkin, dnt waste monies on a lindy
    u hv several chanel shoulder bag right?

    how about a kelly:P
  5. Unless u can afford both easily - I say get the classic black birkin becoz its such a beauty! And it gets snapped up like hotcakes so if u can get one, do!
    But be prepared that sometimes ur order might arrive sooner, so do think hard before taking the plunge.
    If u really need to buy something - maybe get a nice wallet in the meantime to satisfy ur H lemmings!! Kekeke :P
  6. I know, that's why I'm worried that the Lindy or Black Birkin may be neglected when the GT arrives! You are so fortunate to have the GT in your possession now, glad you are enjoying it.

  7. I know 8 mths is not that long, but there are so much temptations on TPFs everyday! Its darn hard to sit on my hands, lols!
    Since the Black Birkin is preowned and new Lindy is at a lower price point compared to a brandnew Birkin, I would probably be able to bleed for the HG also when it arrives. I just have to go on M&Ms diet like many fellow TPFers going forward!
    I am worried that I am buying just to fill a void, being too impatient or just becos of temptations! I never fancy a black birkin, but coming to TPFs often has made me think that Black can be a pretty good option too! Awwhhh, am I confused?!
  8. robee dear,
    I have strayed over to the orange side in TPF mainly becos I do have more than a dozen of Chanel bags and are contented with my Chanel collection. I know Hermes styles are so different to Chanel's, I thot I will just own 1 (no more) versatile 30cm Birkin in my desired color & HW just to satisfy my love for bags!
    But TPF is a dangerous place, the more we see and learn, every leathers and styles seem like a great idea!!...Suddenly.....Black Birkin (which I thot I will never choose that color for a birkin); Lindy; Picotin; and of course, Kelly have become more of a needs than wants now!!:P :Push:
  9. kewave - H addiction cures comes in orange boxes:smile:

    i am sure u will get something before your gris t comes. I love a kelly. a very simple, understatement bag, very classic looking too. Every one shd hv one ^-^

    hv to admit, when i bought my first birkin, i told my DH, i will only buy one Hermes bag as they are too pricey, one is enough. *shake head*
  10. I vote wait. There is something delicious about knowing that your perfect HG bag is coming to you, you just have to be patient. I think there would be nothing more heartbreaking than getting an interim bag just to assuage the H-unger and then not using it once your perfect bag arrives.
    If you're busting for some H goodies, maybe start getting some small leather goods to go with your beautiful GT when she arrives?
  11. Just when I thought I have attained my contentment with Chanel addiction and have no more desires/lusts. Moving on to get my 1 & only Hermes Birkin bag seem like a wrong move huh!!??
    Confession: I thot Kelly and Birkin are kinda similar. Will just be happy with my 1 and only birkin if ever! Of course, thanks to u and many TPFs, I realised Kelly is DIFFERENT and NICE to have it too!!!
    Who am I kidding, my addiction will only get worse...I need exorcism!!!
    DH will probably bury me in an Orange Box as cure :lol:
  12. one is never enough.
    but no point buying something if you think you are not going to use much.
  13. Thanks Bitten! I hope I stay patient and strong....would you pray for me??....:sweatdrop::okay::noggin::devil:
  14. Should I change the poll and put in another option to buy a Kelly??:yes:
  15. You bad...but my thought as well...Ha! Ha! :ghi5:
    The "wise" ones say you can never go wrong with a black bag; but Lindy style is so different to a Birkin...you need both!! :graucho: