wait for HG or settle for something similar???

  1. i've been pining over an 06 pre-spring grey.... or should i just settle for something similar? why or why not? has this occurred to you before??? thanks for your input.
  2. oooouuuu that's a hard one. My first thought is: wait for what you REALLY want. Good things are worth the wait. But in the meantime.. there's nothing wrong with having a little something to help take you through the wait? :graucho:

    For the most part..bbags seem to hold their value, so the "something" to help you get through the wait can be sold when you find your HG ...just an:idea:.

    Good Luck!
  3. If you want a particular shade, then you should wait until you find it. But let's say you want a yellow bag, any yellow would do, then it's probably easier to get the 07 Jaune than wait for the 04 Marigold.
  4. ITA!!:yes:

    If you're craving a particular shade and "settle" for another, you'll end up buying the one you originally wanted anyways when the opportunity presents itself.

    Good luck!!
  5. DITTO! You know, a HG will always be the one that you want, and while there might be close substitutes, you'll still be pining away for the perfect one. So, I say wait a little... :smile:
  6. Don't settle. If you buy a bag that is not THE ONE, you'll end up pining for it still anyway, and the money spent on the 2nd place bag could have been spent on the HG.
  7. I've been going through the same dillema as tnc727. I've been carving for a Sandstone Day... but always on the unlucky side so far. I had tried to get Taupe Day or Mastic Day...but the love is just not there. Still thinking about my Sandstone. I thought to myself..OMG I might need some theraphy or a Bbag rehab. Thank you so much for all of your advice
  8. I've experienced that sometimes the hunt is far more thrilling than the kill. But if you're really sure you will use her and keep her, I wouldn't settle.
  9. i would def wait for a bbag you really want!! settling might make you regret when the one you really want pops up!!

  10. ^^ I agree...I think a big part of the thrill is searching for something that might be harder to find and when you do get it, it's that much more special :smile:
  11. What style are you looking for? There is an 06 grey twiggy on AFF right now.
  12. i would hold out for it since it is your HG. once you find that baby, it would so worth the wait. never settle! that is my motto. good luck on your hunt!
  13. I'm going with the holding out for your HG crowd, too! You're not going to be satisfied until you get your HG...I still haven't found mine, and continue to buy bbags, but they just don't hit the spot! =X
  14. WAIT!!! the minute you buy something to tide you over until your HG comes up, your HG will come up! this has happened to me countless times. and then you will have spent your money on something you didn't really want and now have to sell or let sit in your closet.

    there is no substitute for the real thing. you can do it!
  15. Isn't there a Gris Fonce on eBay right now? There isn't much detail in the eBay ad, but it is an 06 Grey (gris fonce) First. If you like you should post the link on our Authenticate This thread. I don't think we can post links to eBay ads here...