wait for black or settle for olive?

  1. Okay you guys.. There's an olive camo bella bella on eBay right now.. Price could be better considering it's used... My birthday isn't until October 2nd and as I posted before, my bf promised to buy me a black camo bella bella for my birthday if another one comes up... I don't really like the olive color but I'll be so sad if no more black ones show up...... Should I keep waiting and checking eBay/shoptokidoki or settle??
  2. never settle! settling is deathhhh
  3. you could always get it, and if another shows up you could trade it in.
    or post on shoptokidoki, FT olive for black.

    someone may have one and prefer the other
  4. ditto what woah dinosaurs says.. imagine if you just get done with buying this one & the black one pops up at a good price!

    i know you're really itching for this bag especially after you missed out on the others, but i'm sure it'll be worth the wait when you finally get your hands on one at a reasonable price :smile: hold on!
  5. I'd wait if you really don't want the Olive Cammo. The Cammo Black shows up often, just keep watching. If you settle, you may find you're not happy with the purchase. Just my 2 cents though...
  6. i've seen one that keeps reappearing on eBay now that i think of it.
  7. i've seen many black camo bella bellas pop up....DO NOT SETTLE!!!!!
  8. xD my answer wasnt as extreme, but dont settle for something you dont like.
  9. Don't settle...
  10. Another thing to keep in mind is that occasionally on ebay bella bella's are marked as just bella's in the description. When I recently purchased a bella bella it was incorectgly labeled as a bella.

    When looking at auctions I had a method of quickly judging if a bella was mislabeled. Look at the LeSportsac ribbon right above the qee hooks. On a Bella2 there is room for the word to appear 7 times. On a smaller Bella I believe it is only 5 times. I have posted a photo of one of my bella bellas to show what I mean.
  11. Don't settle. Wait until what you really want is available. Black cammo bella bellas do pop up often on ebay. I saw the olive one's on ebay and thought the starting bids could've been lower and have been lower in the past. I would wait.
  12. Yah I agree .. don't settle .. wait it out
  13. don't settle, esp if u don't really like the olive camo. the black camos pop up all the time. u just need to keep checking LJ or ebay.
  14. Never settle, did you check the SH outlet- I thought they had a black camo luna...do you think you would like that better? It will be more difficult to get older prints as time goes on- unless like other have stated, they are willing to trade with you.
  15. i agree with everyone else ... don't settle. however, if the olive one is cheap, maybe you could get it too. ;) i have an olive camo and a black camo but use the olive one a lot more which is weird because i wear a lot of black. lol.