Wait for a Wine MAM or get Deep Red MAM?

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  1. I just got the wine MAB with signature hardware and absolutely love the color and hardware! However, I'm a little iffy on the size as I think it's not as dressy because it's so big.

    So my question is: do I wait to find a wine MAM or do I buy a deep red MAM that is for $385?
  2. Well, I think if you really like the color for the wine MAM then you should wait.
    If you like the deep red just as much, though, and it wouldn't make much of a difference to you, go for the deep red MAM. :tup:
  3. Thanks for your reply teaparties! I just haven't seen the deep red IRL so I'm just taking a guess as to whether I will like it or not, based on pictures from other tpfers.

    Some things that make my decision more difficult:
    1. If I have a Wine MAB, would it be silly to also have a Wine MAM?
    2. If I already have a Wine MAB, would it be silly to buy another red bag?
    3. If I miss this sale, will I kick myself later?
    4. What are the chances of me finding a Wine MAM with signature hardware anyway??!!
    4. Will my husband be very upset with me for buying yet another bag?!!!
  4. I think if you're going to keep the wine MAB...maybe get a MAM with old hw and tassels? so it's a little different...there have been quite a lot popping up on ecrater and ebay(but not with the new hw...).

    Deep red is more like a terracotta clay red irl...it's not as vibrant as wine, imo.
  5. I have both deep red and wine. The deep red is lambskin, so it's a different kind of leather. It is lighter (weight wise). It's a beautiful red--not too bright. However, the wine is. . .well, you know, gorgeous. I don't think I would want two wine bags that were similar though.
  6. I think if you can find uses for either or both bags, there isn't a problem with having two. Think about your wine bags... what would be your reasoning of having one in a MAM and one in MAB? If you think there will be a noticeable difference, and you'd appreciate it, then there wouldn't be a problem with having both a wine MAB and a wine MAM.
    If you're thinking that you'd like to have a RM MAM and MAB for no real specific reason, then maybe you should hold off on buying another wine bag. While they are different sizes and beautiful bags, think of different situations where you would use one over the other... or if you would switch off between them. If you can't really think of any or if you picture the other one just sitting around... hold off on getting the wine MAM.

    I also find that sales are so tempting sometimes.. but you just have to step back and think, "Do I really want this bag? Will I really use it? Or is it just the sale that makes it seem so appealing?" -- I absolutely have those moments where I think I need/want a bag because it looks nice and it's on sale... but you don't want to spend money if you won't end up using it. :okay: Good luck!
  7. I have a deep red MAM and I love it to pieces. However- the wine leather is hands down my favorite leather so if it were between the two I would choose the wine.

    The thing is that they are hard to come by so maybe if you buy the deep red MAM by the time you see a wine MAM you can afford both??
  8. Crazy4Handbags just got both the Wine MAB and MAM. They both have the older brass hardware, but still, maybe you could ask her for her opinion. :yes:


    I have the Wine MAM with gold signature hardware, and I love her so much. I personally love her size, it's perfect for me! :heart: But just so you know, it'll be VERY difficult to find a Wine MAM on sale or as a lower-than-retail price, at least to my knowledge. $385 for a MAM is awesome, but I'm not sure how close Deep Red is to Wine.

    Sorry if I'm not much help. :sweatdrop: (But in my honest opinion, I'd rather buy something I will love with my whole heart at full retail price, than purchase a similar bag at a discount. In that scenario, I'd only be purchasing the "similar bag" because it's cheaper. But I paid full price for my Wine MAM, and I have no regrets whatsoever. She was worth every single penny. :yes:)
  9. My pics aren't great but I love my Deep Red MAM. It's just a gorgeous deep red with blue undertones. I had a Wine DReam bag and it's more of an "in your face" color and vibrancy.

    DeepRedMAM.JPG DeepRedMAM2.JPG
  10. My mom has a deep red MAM and I have a wine nikki. I think the colors are totally, totally different. You could get away w/ both!
  11. Thanks everyone for all of your opinions! You are all so helpful! That's why I love it here!

    I haven't seen the MAM in real life, but I think it would be more appropriate for going out as it's more compact. I think the MAB is great for carrying stuff to some work events and I definitely can see using it for that purpose. But it really is a little big when I want to go out with my girlfriends.

    All these sales really are so tempting! However, truth be told, I'm not sure my husband will be all that understanding if I buy another bag, especially since I was so ecstatic about getting the wine MAB a couple of days ago!

    Now to complicate things further....someone posted a link to this cranberry MAM!

    Now what?!! :confused1: Maybe I should just be good and enjoy my wine MAB. :yes: What does RM put in these bags to make them so addicting?!!
  12. OMG i know! I love the cranberry MA! I haved owned two wine bags, and a deep red also. I definitely loved them both but prefer the wine. The deep red had a different texture which I liked but it didn't outweigh the wine IMO. I honestly like the new cranberry! I'm a sucker for reds... (where LO!!)

  13. Wow, Cranberry looks AMAZING!! I wonder if it'll be that juicy!
  14. Something is weird b/c cranberry doesn't look like that in any of the other pictures... not sure what to think..

    If it does look like that though could you imagine a cranberry DEVOTE tote??!!??
  15. I would wait for the Wine!