WAIT! dont order the new stuff on the site just yet!

  1. I went in to go check the new blue scarf side pack and found out that theres a lot more coming to the stores by next week, in paramus park by next thursday. so hold on for a week more before you give into the temptation like i almost did!~
  2. You mean more than what's on the website now? I haven't received a catalog so I don't know what new purses they are going to have!
  3. Thanks for the imformation.
  4. ooo, thanks for the info! :smile:
  5. Does this mean more swing packs?? :yes:

    I've been meaning to get one and the blue scarf is calling my name! Hoping to get a few more options though....:graucho:
  6. im still thumbing through the lovely catalouge my equally lovely sa gave me when i checked it out. the scarf material is like a cloud, though looks to stain. the side pack was cute, the other bags in the scarf loook REALLY cute, i was dissapointed when i saw they didnt have a mini zip up, i would have snatched it up in a second!
  7. i looks like the jewel of the catalog are these brown monogram bags with a solid stripe of red or blue or brown or a khaki white at the bottom, with a little more monogram showing at the bottom like an inch. if your a fan of the monogram you will LOVE THIS especially caus eyou can monogram your initials!
    they also have the reverse where they have solid red or blue or brown or khaki canvas with a stripe of the brown Cs. thers also cosmetic case, ipod, scarf, equally cute wristlet and new keyfobs i think you all wil like!

    it all has a type of sheen to it, its really nice, i was never a fan of the monogram Cs but i like this,especially the brown sheen canvas with the monogram stripe.
  8. theres a cute suede wristlet thats only 48 bucks in bordeaux or flint. i LOVE the brodeaux!!!!! more monogram patchwork, all in brown with differeniated Cs, a beautiful calf skin large hobo with a braided handle, shoes to match, all these have shoes btw.
  9. the golds and rich reds look beautiful, perfect for the holiday season im seeing, or just the reds look crisp and great by themselves. there are some nice ipod cases, new calve books and studded wristlets. theres pebbled leathered hobos, again with the braided handles. alot of rivets and stud work on accesseories. thers cute gold kitty heels and that wool peddler cap, more studded hobos/satchels and such. it kind of has a 60s vive, but kind of not. thers longer boots, more chelsea options. theres also a sun key chain, cute gorilla one as well, more leather accessories and agendas, theres also a different patchwork type in the chelsea line, wher its like chocolate colored, adn then in the corner theres blocks of an upper corner of a rectangle in flattering colors to the brown, and then contrasting stitching in the same motif. theres new watches as well. more classic, simple and leather, i like them. thers gloves and beautiful coats. CHIC is its most used word in the catalog. therse also some purple tweed action going on with flower appliques in satchels and scarves, hobos and wristlets and more heels.
  10. YES theres another swing pack! at least one more, i didnt have time to look through the whole binder, but theres this slightly bigger one with the canvas and the stripe of C's. if they have that in brown, that will definetly contend with the scarf for me. or if they had LEATHER swing packs or suede ones... oh god im going to go broke.

    PLESE REMEMBER THOUGH I SAW THESE IN THE CATALOUGE AND CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW THEY LOOK IN PERSON. what can i say they had nice photographers lol. hope this helps everyone.

    and coming from a girl who liked coach as a girl, though that was the LUXURY brand and didnt know of others, then buying a couple of small pieces, treasuring it until realizing all the brands out there and snubbed it till this year, im really liking coach again, i rather buy these then the luxury brands because i have more selection and flexibility and am not one to dump a load of cash on a simple accessorie i dont really like to wear in the first place, minus the swing pack that i MUST GET SOON!!!!
  11. aren't the stripe totes reversible? (meaning that the the ones in the picture are just turned inside out?) either way, i can't decide between the mahogany, crimson, and parchment one! they're just so cute!
  12. any idea when the newer stuff on the website will hit stores? I've got my eye on the Hamptons weekend camera bag (I actually want to use it as a camera bag, and have been looking for something exactly like this for months), but want to try it on in person and stick my hulking camera in there before I drop 2 bills on it. So far it's not showing up as available in my area, and I'd like to get a sense of if/when it will be . . .
  13. oh i saw it, very cute! just not a fan of the suede, think it could be of better quality. by th eend of next week most of the stores should have at least the first part of the collection out.
  14. the totes are reversible, but not the side pack.
  15. I got the catalouge in the store today, I really like the new stuff. I didn't really like the past few lines but the new stuff is so nice :smile: