Wait !!! Can We Just Talk About These Pics For A Minute ?

  1. Girls Aloud

    WTF ???

    Do you think this is photoshopped ? :s

    Colour contrast: Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh in LA yesterday

    the pair hit Melrose Avenue in Beverly Hills for a shopping spree

    Different shades: the duo have just returned from Thailand, where they were holidaying with fellow Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole

    Girls abroad: In Thailand with Cheryl Cole, left
  2. This could be makeup.
  3. This is just N.A.S.T.Y.
  4. :wtf:
  5. I dont know if one is really light or the other is really dark. :confused1:
  6. LOL :roflmfao:

    I don't think the pale girl has makeup on her body. I wear #2 or 3 light foundation when I don't use self tanner (so a shade or two darker than the palest color), and camera flashes sometimes make me look that light. I think the orange girl just has on waaaaaay too much spray tan. In normal lighting, she probably still looks like a cheeto, but the other one is just super fair. I say good for the other one for embracing her paleness, though. She's keeping her porcelain skin safe from cancer and wrinkles :tup:
  7. :coolpics:

    The pale girl should have chosen another color dress besides white.
  8. :wtf:
  9. :wtf:
  10. i am the palest foundation you can get, and some pictures, i look as white as a ghost...
  11. Oh wow. The photo looks real.

    There is nothing wrong or nasty about being pale! I would much rather see someone looking natural instead of orange.
  12. Ick
  13. her shoulders look like my face when i am out in the sun, because my face always burns no matter how much sunblock i put on it, grrr.. Oh well.. I agree i rather her show her true self then hide it under orangey fake tan stuff!
  14. bad untan? I've had them... lol.
  15. Looks like the fair one (I dunno which girl is which) has gone for a deathly pale foundation, and judging from the color of the rest of her skin, she should have gone for something with more color to it. I mean, her face looks all wrong to me, like a mask.

    The other girl is just plain ORANGE.