Waist Purse/Fanny Pack

  1. I have been searching with no luck. HELP!!!!

    I recently took a trip to New York and while checking out the Statue of Liberty I saw a fanny pack that I half to have. I was going to ask the lady where she got it, but she was lost in the crowd. Now I can't find one. So I was hoping to describe it and maybe someone can tell me where to go. It has to be an internet destinaton.

    It was white and looked like a leather hobo style. But it was on a belt type strap around her waist. Very stylish!

  2. I know one of the most popular ones i have seen, and although I dont think I would wear a fanny pack, everytime i see it i want it.. it is the signature Gucci fanny pack, that SJP wore in an older Sex N the city episode... it's uber stylish and i think it will never become a faux pas. =) Hope that helps!
  3. [​IMG]

    It kinda resembled this shape....but it was leather (thin), white and on each side of the buckle it had a pocket with a buckle.
  4. Ttt
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