Waist no time

Oct 1, 2009
Hi , just wanted to share with you that the Black Sabrinas are at the outlet but waist no time looking for them as they are still FULL PRICE at the outlets. They do take the 20% off coupon if you have but still not a doorbuster .. lol:nogood:

Just thought Id share this with you all


Jul 19, 2008
How do you find out how many are left in JAX or how many of "X" bag are made originally, I've been curious whenever i see this reference.

If you call JAX (number on the coach website for customer service) and ask them they will tell you. I've never had a problem when I ask them that. In the boutiques that I have been to they sometimes try not to give a number, it depends on the SA.


Aug 21, 2008
That's OK if those looking for the are willing to be patient!!! They WILL get marked down soon enough. Hopefully just in time for you all to hit your SO's up for them for X-mas gifts!!! :o)

Thankfully I have a gorgeous blk leather Julianne on the way, a Lg. black opart Sabrina and a grey leather Lg. Sabrina so I'm ALMOST full of Madison. However I've been VERY FORTUNATE!!!

I hope you are ALL able to score them soon enough at 30% OFF with addt'l 20% OFF coupons!!!!