~*~Wai's Shoes Album~*~

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  1. Purses were always my love since i was super young. I started collecting purses since i was 12 and its been my true love. However, I never have a heart to collect shoes or think about super high heels.. for me shoes were just something i used not something i love.. In addition I am very prone to tripping that if u ask my high school friends they will tell you Wai will probably fall and die if she wears anything more than a two inches..

    however that all changed when this little girl join tpf... after a year i collected more than 70 pairs of different brands all above four inches in height... thus my college friends say how could you climb the hills of berkeley and get to class on time with such high heels.. my profs who are close to me always joke about my shoes or check out how high they are everyday in class..

    and now that i am working.. my co workers take pics of my shoes everyday and choose a pair each week to post on the board as the shoes of the week.. at this point i am working 6 days a week soo it took me the whole day to sunday since i took all the pics myself and i am posting a few that i finished today... i will post as much as i can everyday but bear with me if there isnt any update in days.. cause i am either on a b-trip or super busy with work but i will come back and update it as soon as i get time..

    hope you guys enjoy it..
    little wai

    p.s. this thread is also dedicated to Kumiro-Chan my super shoes enabler!! loveya T!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.