Waikiki LeSportsac HAWAII

  1. Just went there today to see what they had and..

    They have lots of the l'amour print and biancas

    Still have a bunch of the pirata and adios star prints too!

    I didnt buy anything :sad: sad, i know


    They have print outs/photos of the ACTUAL upcoming bags!! (I asked them to show them to me)

    (Spiaggia, Famiglia, Tutti, and Transporto)

    Summer 07
    (release - May)
    In my opinion though, the Spiaggia print is super crowded looking but its still kinda cute.. probably will get a SMALL bag in that print..

    The Famiglia has a tan-ish background with pog-sized (you know, those small, flat, round things kids used to collect waaaayy back when) circles with a different tokidoki character in each. Each circle is a diff color and the circles are evenly spaced out..

    Fall 07
    (both prints Aug/Sept)
    The Tutti print reminds me of a coloring book. Its sort of like the original print with random people and characters all over but in BLACK AND WHITE (outlines). Makes me want to color them in (not that I would mark a tokidoki bag! :shocked:)

    The Transporto print is my personal favorite. It has a gray background with lots of different characters all over. All the characters are using different modes of transportation.. from riding elephants.. to roller blading.. and even flying carpets! Its a little different but definitely cute!

    I know my descriptions dont help much.. but let's see if they'll let me take a picture of their sample pics!

    I should've asked them today.. :sweatdrop: sorry guys.
  2. haha yeah, last time I went -- when Amore first came out, they showed me the Spiaggia print picture. It was still kinda fuzzy lol. I've seen all the swatches for the upcoming prints...and so far Transporto looks the best. I'm probably going to head to Ala Moana's Lesportsac next week Thursday to check it out :biggrin: HAHA. No money to buy anything - but I just like walking in there. It makes me happy AHHAAHAHAHA.

    Did they still have Amore portatelefonos?
  3. so since lesportsac isnt supposed to be carrying amore, why is it in our hawaii store? does anyone outside of hawaii have access to a lesportsac? do they have l'amore there?
  4. Hmmm... the Alas store had the swatches but the Waiks one were photos of the bag itself! Pretty clear pics too.. go check them out! :smile:

    YES they had the amore portatelefonos.. also in adios star, black, and I think the pirata too

    They also have the denaros and caramellas! Lots in that store..

    Cant wait for the transporto! :biggrin:
  5. I'm going tomorrow!!! :nuts:

    What street is it on? Kalakaua? And which stores is it next to?
  6. I thought *some* other lesportsac stores carry it ah? oh gosh, i might be confused with macys & stuff...hmm. odd. We are special? Perhaps it's because nobody else on the island CAN sell tokidoki bags...
  7. Yeah, I dont quite understand this either.. everyone seems to talk about lesportsac not carrying any..

    maybe we dont have a store to carry it here? :shrugs:

    I'm not complaining though :smile:
  8. They had photos of actual bags? Ah, I have to go visit now. Which one bags looked cute to you?
  9. OHHHHHHHHHHH WTF, which one are you talking about? Where is this one? I think I haven't been to that lesportsac....I thought you were talking about AM one haha.
  10. Maybe because they overcharge us here, lol. They know they'll make money off of us.
  11. KALAKAUA! :yes:

    used to be in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center but I was SHOCKED :wtf: to see it totally under construction today!

    So now its across of the RHSC.. dont remember what stores its by.. but there was a guy making really cool Disney balloon animals outside! :sweatdrop:
  12. ugh, lesportsux. overcharge our poor souls.
  13. I really liked the transporto one! The others were alright.. I still dont know how much I like the others personally :sweatdrop:

    I hate how they charge us so much :sad:
  14. Yeah, I do'nt think I'm going to get any of the other prints -- just transporto. I NEED to see that pic!!! I think I will buy it from PULSE instead of in Hawaii though..need a Zucca.
  15. I asked them about the bag styles they order and they showed me a list of all the style pics.. the zucca had an "X" next to it :push:

    I really want a zucca.. but I kinda want a BV for the transporto! Ahhh the decisions I have to make!!