Waht The Heck Is Going On With Ebay?!?!

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  1. why are there so many cancelled finished auctions??? first, poor lovelygarments AG work and now roseyposie's 04 yellow??? are people not following the rules? or are the accounts being hacked???

    it's just to weird and f'ed up that this has happened twice now in the past 24 hours :confused1:

    does anyone have an answer? or an educated guess? if i'm annoyed, i have no idea how po'ed the sellers must be :cursing:
  2. My guess is ebay removed the listings because the "buyers" accounts were hijacked.

    A cruel "joke"

    I know it's terrible!!

    All that work w/ the listing, watching, anticipation etc.............
  3. it's terrible!! i sell stuff from time to time and it is such a pain in the butt to put a listing together. plus, i think in both auctions, the sellers stated what their perimeters were for bidders and yet people bid anyway!! i just had to cancel a bid on one of my auctions because i stated that all zero feedback bidders needed to contact me first or i would cancel their bids AND THEY STILL BID!! argh!!

    well, i hope that everything gets sorted out for those tPFers :flowers:

    PS - i just noticed that my title is misspelled - ick, i hate that!! obviously, i was under duress at the time :s
  4. I know what you mean Nicole.

    I have the same problems sometimes w/ my listings too.

    Maybe Lovelygarments will pop in here and let us know what happened.

    Hopefully both sellers will relist the bags as I know there were lots of interested members here.
  5. I was wondering that too. There was a black weekender that I was watching that ended a couple days ago: NOW IT'S BACK - what gives? The seller says it's because of a hacked account too.

  6. i don't know about everyone else but seeing the same auction over and over again makes me nervous...i'm always like...'hmm, what gives? why is this up again?'
  7. oh stupid ebay! i think i'm mad at it at the moment haha
  8. i know!! i wonder if this is going on with other brands too, like are chanel or BV having the same insane problems???

    also, this makes the sellers look bad. for example, with this perfectly authentic WE, you are now suspecting the seller is doing something funky when in fact the buyers/bidders are messing up his listing! argh, this whole thing makes me peeved!! :cursing:
  9. Sometimes the seller decides to sell outside of the auction...I had one seller that actually asked me if I were to be willing to pay more.....Or they would just end the auction with the side bid they received....Needless to say I didnt do business with them
  10. ^^^ that is not the case here - ebay is CANCELING the auctions due to "buyers activities" - this is not a situation of the seller canceling the auction because the item isn't for sale anymore.

    it seems as if we're having a rash of hackers on ebay - what is the solution? :confused1:
  11. ^^Please allow me to vent: THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY there were two auctions recently that I was excited to bid on - but both auctions were pulled by the seller. When I emailed to ask: they said they "decided to sell to a friend", which to me means someone made them a good offer. The thing is it's an auction the price WILL go up, I feel cheated when I don't get a chance to bid (and I think sellers are missing out most of the time). I feel like in order to win something one ebay I like now: I need to pm the seller with a high price to get them to close their auction and sell to me.

    I know it's the sellers right to do this - but let's just say they lost out on business with me (and I would have bid their items up) because they pulled their listings.

    Thank you for letting me rant....
  12. I saw many bags have been relisted recently too
    One grey 06 city went up to $1700 and now it has been relisted
    Another one is Damask City which has been removed at the last mins

  13. ^^ i know, weird. i wonder why the seller didn't contact the next highest bidder, to see if they still wanted the bag :confused1:

    i don't know how or why someone would get joy out of screwing up an ebay auction. what is the point??? losers:tdown:
  14. Wow:shocked:, I didn't realize what was happening with the auctions themselves until I came across this thread! Could it be that ppl are sick of fleabay and all the new policies and procedures, that they are purposely jeopardizing honest sellers by hacking into accounts, outbidding potential buyers, and winning auctions without really paying? Some ppl just do things for sh@ts and giggles that they don't understand how it affects the sellers and they couldn't give a damn:cursing: UGH!
  15. I just made a similar remark in the Authenticate This thread. I don't get what the gain is. :confused1:

    When a seller sees a bidder with lots of automatic bids/suspicious activity, though, couldn't she or she just cancel them to avoid this problem?