wahooo new bag!! 05 bubblegum first!

  1. I got my 2nd bbag in the mail today:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:! i love it:nuts:! it's an 05 bubblegum pink first. the pictures don't do it justice, it's much brighter IRL.
    b1.JPG P1196954.JPG

    my collection (if it can be called that, i think it's more of a small family...)
  2. hi! i just bought my bbag today also, my first. congratulations! nice colour!
  3. Cute! :nuts:
    Congrat for the pretty addition..
  4. Your 05 BG leather look so softly luxurious! Congrats!
  5. You know Balenciaga could make a person love a color, when normally she would never wear it.beautiful bag:love:
  6. and your bag is pretty as well.:tup:
  7. Beautiful! I love your new bag and especially the dog in your avatar!
  8. just lovely and looks to be in wonderful condition!
  9. ohhhhhhhh PRETTY!!! =)
  10. pretty color, congrats!!
  11. sweet! congrats!
  12. that would be stella the whipped:yes:
  13. very pretty, congrats
  14. Congrats!!!! Love the color!!! :yes:
  15. That's really lovely, bgum was my first bbag, don't leave it in your room in the sun as I did and mine faded.