Wahhhhhhh it wasnt meant to be!

  1. :crybaby:Man that denim shoulder tote is so pretty!
    But I had to return it! It's not big enough for my laptop!!
    I really wanted a bag that was big enough to stuff it in, and this isnt it :sad:

    So i figured out that I wanted this bag:

    but its sold out at jax! anyone seen it???
  2. Oh no! I love that bag. No, I haven't seen it. Did you check eBay?
    Is it the multifunction tote? Doesn't it come in bronze/choc? YUM!
  3. Yes, I've seen that bag at my local Dillards. Make a few calls to your local department stores and see if they have it. It may even be on sale!

    Good luck!
  4. *whew* you scared me. I thought you were talking about your job. Too bad about the tote. Hope you find the right bag!
  5. Yay I found one in california!!!!!

    They put it on hold for me!!

    What to do what to do?? I m such an addict!!!
  6. I'm sorry the shoulder tote didn't work out for ya, but that's a lovely bag too! I say go for it if you will get more use out of it!:tup:
  7. I say get it! I have one and it fits not only my laptop (which is a few years old a quite clunky/heavy) as well as other files. It has become a great work bag.

    I tried the Chocolate/Bronze, and the straps are a bit thinner, and don't have the extra wrapping on the top like the denim one does - that makes for a more comfy bag IMO.

    GOOD LUCK! :heart:
  8. they have em in ct i got mine here!!
  9. That's what I immediatly thought looking at the title. I'm glad I was wrong.

    I'm glad that you found the bag you wanted.
  10. lol sorry to have worried you guys!

    Hey babygirl when did you last see it? cuz the SA told me they were ordered to get rid of them
  11. Get the denim tote that you want! The shoulder tote isn't functional for you -- so get the other!!!
  12. you guys are such enablers!!! but i love it!:devil::queen::girlsigh:
  13. I saw this at Dillard's in Tampa last week. Go and get it girl!!! :woohoo:
  14. Was it on sale???
  15. Me too...