Wahhhh!! My new Prada looks like luggage on me! I'm no Jill LOL!!

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  1. I'm so upset. I just got a great deal on this bag and it looks like a briefcase on my short a**! I always loved it on that biotch Jill (love ya babe) but I'm not tall, lanky and pin thin like her! I'm short and thick, what was I thinking??? It's a gorgeous bag though.

    See for yourself:

  2. You look great, and love the bag!!
  3. I think it looks excellent on you, you're being way too hard on yourself.
  4. I agree! I think the bag actually looks really nice on you.
  5. YOURE RIGHT THE BAG IS BEAUTIFUL. but why doesnt it look good? so the bag is big? isnt that whats being used right now? COME ON!! KEEP IT! LOOOKS FABULOUS!!
  6. ROFLMAO..I just saw this thread..hehe

    I think u look FABULOUS in that bag!!!!!U rock it!!!!
  7. I think it looks lovely on you but if you want a smaller size I understand that too. Whatever makes you feel comfortable :smile:
  8. Really? Well, I guess I will think on it then. I love big bags but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by them.
  9. I got this bag and ended up returning it because I felt it was so huge. But I think when it is not stuffed with paper and the leather gets less rigid (like my other gauffres did after wearing them for a week), it will look smaller and conform more to your body, the way a messenger should.

    If you like the bag (what's not to like), I say, try it out for awhile.
  10. I agree. Being a stick figure is out, it looks good on you. :tup:
  11. I think it looks great on you - we can't all be Jills! But...if you feel it's too big, return it and look for a smaller bag!
  12. ^ITA..I love that on you!!!! :tup:
  13. It looks great on you.
  14. You are so Wrong! It looks fabulous on you! Yes, it looks big.. but in a good way! And, YOU look great too!
    Rock that bag sister!! :smile:
  15. that bag looks GREAT on you!!!