Wahhhh!another Gauffre I Adore!!!!

  1. Introducing......................**drum roll please**......................................

    THE GAUFFRE BOWLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :graucho: :drool:

    OK..in a diff color though..as I already own the Cera color..How HOT is this shape???
  2. Cute! Is it nylon or leather?

    Nevermind. Just popped over to NM: $2500 worth of leather. I'm glad to see they are coming out with softened silhouettes on the Gauffres. I really didn't care for all the squared off styles from the fall. I gravitate more to the rounded off type bags. Wonder what type of closure it has. Can't tell from the pic and NM NEVER gives much info on features.
  3. I saw this the other day on the NM site - I love it too!
  4. Gorgeous bag Jill!
  5. That is one good looking bag. I didn't think I liked the gauffre until I saw your & Emmy's blush - now I'm hankering but year long bag ban starts end of April so no chance!
  6. Hi Jill...

    I was drooling over this one last nite too! What a beauty!!

    I printed it out this morning... going to ask an SA over at Neiman's what other colors it's coming in... will let ya know if I get some answers today. :yes:
  7. I :heart: that shape for the gauffre! Wouldn't mind that in a rich chocolate brown...
  8. yummy bag - my favorite is still your e/w blush satchel though Jill!
  9. I Love The Totes....But, Jill The Bowler Is Gorgeous!!!:love:
  10. Yes..Love it...but not enough...the satchel still has my heart!!! I'm interested to see what other colors this comes in too....You crack me up Jill...."WAAAAAAHHH"
    I thought I heard it earlier today :p Hope you get it..would love to see it..but I agree..Don't get it in cera..
  11. ^LOL>>I have a PRADA delivery comin tomorrow(Camel gauffre messengerand a grommet wallet..YUMMY!)..so I gotta be good..heehee