wahhh, who bought blue Le Fab from LT!? >"<

  1. NOOO! I was about to get it for Mother's Day gift...ok, i plan to borrow it too, but now it's GONE! Wahhh, WHO Bought it!? :crybaby: sry just want to rant >'<
  2. lol!

    wasn't me!!

    But then, I usually feel relieved when something that gorgeous disappears before I have the chance to pull the trigger on it... it saves me lots of money! :sweatdrop:
  3. Oh no! I hate when that happens, it wasn't me! Hopefully you will find another one soon.
  4. oh no!!!!!! i always hate when i wait too long and finally made my decision then the bag is gone. :cursing:
  5. Oh man! I'm so sorry, I hate when that happens. Hopefully you'll find another one.
  6. Kuuipoo- or however she spells it- MJ- just got one. I dont know if hers came from LT or not? Sorry! I hate it when that happens!
  7. not me - sorry you missed out
  8. Thanks for the respond ladies! *sniff* mlowran, i think that tPFer got it from MP?
  9. I thought so too, but didn't know for sure. I know Chie got hers from eBay recently. There are always blue ones lurking about ... you'll find one soon! Good luck.
  10. Fashionphile does buy things from LT doesnt she? Maybe she bought it and listed it. I've seen stranger things happen. lol.
  11. yeah, i kicked myself not purchase the blue Le Fab and PTI set last time, and sure enough one of eBay sellers/store got it and list @ out rages price :rant:
  12. Bummer.. you should also try emailing him, he might have one that's not listed yet ! :graucho:
  13. Hope you find yourself one, maybe even a better deal!
  14. lol i know fashionphile buys stuff from other eBay members.. but i CERTAINLY HOPE he does not buy stuff from LT :push:.. its bad enuff to have all the good deals taken up on ebay, i dont need to lose hope with LT too.. :sad: