wahhh wahhh... i don't like my

  1. lilac speedy 25

  2. oh shoot... y picture sooo big...

    SOS... help someone
  3. It's a beautiful color. I know a few ladies here that would gladly take it off your hands :graucho: Are you going to exchange it for something else?
  4. i posted the vanilla speedy 25 wanted on let-trade board.... they still have not found 1 for me... but these 2 ladies, Melody and Nocturne has 1.... i want the Vanilla... can i trust them? :sad:
  5. Lol. If you have the picture on your computer you can try to make it a bit smaller then upload it as an attachment. But otherwise this is fine.
    So why don't you like it?
  6. uh oh, Sandra might be in trouble when she sees this post ;)

    yea, how come you dont like it?
  7. I Think It's Beautiful!!! I Also Love The Vanilla!!! :smile:
  8. i don't like the color... i had never seen the Lilac in real life before i bought this.... then i bought it.. i just don't think the lilac is me.. seems too old for me... i dunno... can't describe it :sad:
  9. damn right i just saw it :cry:!!

    what don't you like about the color? i just let one auction for a lilac Speedy end today. in the listing, the Speedy in the pictures looked a little gray.
  10. i like that color i think it's very pretty. but if you are going to sell it, should be easy enough.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. thansk PurseFanatic for resizing the picture...
    god... my butt is huge

    so what do you girls say? sell it?
  13. Is it a 25 or 30?
  14. I like the lilac color, but if you don't think the color is for you then don't keep it. It's better to get a bag that you love and will use.:yes:
  15. i think it looks great. you have a nice skin tone and its a great neutral color to wear with anything. just my opinion! good luck with whatever decision you make!! :smile: