WAHHH!!!!I got summoned for JURY DUTY!!LOL!

  1. KILL ME NOW....LMAO....Im freakin 37 yrs old..never have I been summoned for freakin Jury duty...eek..What do I get in mail today>>??????????????
    Anyone have any experience with this..they like to pass on to me?like if I should try to get out of it...lol....or just do it and be a good citizen???Heehee!!
  2. haha go! it could be something really interesting like a murder or something :biggrin:
  3. ^LMAO....I could see the threads on this now..HAHAHA..Yes..could be entertaining...eek
  4. Go just for the experience. It's actually very interesting!
  5. haha that was exactly what i was thinking but wouldnt ur have to be confidential? haha! hmm! ooohwell not fun if its not! *rolls eyes*
  6. go for the experience..and to get it over with. wow, you've gotten away with no jury duty letters for nearly 20 years? that's amazing. i got one practically the day i turned 18. i went and they never called my group number, so then i got another JD letter when i was 20.. i went and i actually got to serve as a juror! it's so fun and interesting.. some of the court cases are simply SILLY.. like.. WHY is this a case??!

    - it's easier to just schedule that day that you're supposed to come in for JD off from work... than to call in every day for 3-5 days. that's such a waste of time. If your JD letter says you have to call in to see if your group number is needed, call the courthouse and request for one specific day to come in instead, it's a huge time saver to just take one day off to do it. Some employers will pay for it too, so check it out.

    - when you go, bring a book, ipod, music device, or laptop (though I don't recommend laptop, cuz it goes through the xray screening when you enter the courthouse from any door). you WILL BE BORED. I guarantee it. you can only people watch for so long before you decide you want to snore your butt off. you can sleep too, but if you're a snorer, a sound sleeper, or one that knocks out completely, i don't recommend it. you might miss your group number to be called.
    - if by the end of the day, your group number has not been called, then you are off the hook for about 3-5 years. :smile: Or in your case, 20 years. lol.

    - if your number has been called, they'll tell you what to do, what you can say and whatnot. usually if you know anyone in the courthouse (judge, prosecutor, defendant, lawyers, etc), let them know, and they'll dismiss you to go home.. they want the most unbiased group of people as much as possible. you could lie and say you don't know anyone, but you have to keep your judgments unbiased. just remember, you are under oath!

    the group you're in is always different.. i can't say that all groups are gathered together by a certain.. quality or standard. my group had like.. 5 generations in it.. mixed with a guy in all leather Harley Hog type, a business woman, a guy that looked like a farmer, a gal that was a total BLONDE omg, and surfer dude. it was interesting! lol.

    it's obvious from my opinion, that JD should just be done to get it over with. why bother avoiding it. the more you avoid it, the more they send you letters to serve it, and that's when you run out of excuses.

    Have fun Jill!
  7. I went and wasted 24 hours before the trial was dismissed and they didn't need me. But it wasn't totally unpleasant-I read the rest of this book I never had time to finish.
  8. I have never been called for JD either. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.
  9. It was the worst experience of my life.
  10. ^HUH??Why was it so bad????
  11. So far I am 21 and not have not been called for jury duty! My mom has been called soo many times though!
  12. Even though it's a disruption to your ususal daily routine, the right thing to do is to go. I'm 50 years old and I've only been summonsed once. They call a bunch of people here in Maryland and then dismiss most of them. They had me stay and I was actually on the jury panel. I would have rather they passed over me, but, oh well. It was interesting to see the judicial process in work. That was the one and only time I was in courtroom and it was so business-like and undramatic. Not at all what I expected.

    One other thing, though. We didn't finish up until around 7 or 8 p.m. so it made for a long day. We found the guy "not guilty" or burglary of an apartment and stealing jewelry. I hope we made the right decision. It's been about 25 years now and I think about the case every now and again.
  13. Thankfully have never been called, I would hate it. If you don't want to go get a note from your doctor :yahoo:
  14. uggggh i hate jury duty!!!

    i been to ONCE! I was like a senior in H.S that time I think..or fresh out of H.S.

    But I went, and during lunch time, I left and never came back. I was foolish b/c I didn't know how serious it was..all I knew was that everyone seemed way more interested than i wa and that I did not belong there.

    I called in and told them I had an emergency and a couple weeks later I received a compensation check. haha..

    I never want to do jury duty again. It's boring & not my thing.
  15. How interesting! I have never been called up, either. You will have to keep us posted! (Only if you can... :smile: )