Wahh! Gotta love `em!!


Aug 4, 2007
So regarding my other thread about my precious Damier Speedy 30.. the handles glaze was peeling at one of the ends.. After everyones wonderful comments I decided to go check out LV at the mall nearest me and the SA was SO SUPER WONDERFUL!! She looked at my bag and went to talk it over with the manager and they came back and said that they would just exchange it for a new one!! My bag was only 3 months old and they we're shocked that the bag was doing this at sucha short period of time!!! I must say.. I loveeeeeeee them for being so nice to me!!

Another KUDOS to LV and their wonderful Customer Service!!! :okay::woohoo::yahoo::wlae:


Cuddly Bag Monkey
Jul 20, 2007
I'm so glad for you! It's so nice to hear stories about great cs at LV. The same thing happened to my Dentelle BH & LV replaced that bag without hassle too!