Wahh.. Flat Brass First on AFF. Who got it?

  1. I saw it available and then the next second BAM it was gone!
  2. I was wondering too. I just checked her site on a whim
  3. Where is she getting these bags in MIchigan? Is it a hotbed of high fashion that I'm not familar with?:shrugs:
  4. LOL ZP... she sells them on consignment so people ship them to her.
  5. This bag is a beautiful....the leather looks insane!!!
    A big CONGRATS to the winner ..this was a great score!
  6. I was there at AFF at about 6:30...nothing new. I keep missing these!
  7. She also has a metallic orange mini twiggy and a brand new pewter hobo available for any who's interested! :yes:
  8. And a brand new 06 lilac First.
  9. wow congrats!!! the fbf condition's looks great!!!
    and not a bad price too for such a rare find!
  10. What a find!!!! The one day that I couldn't check my email and it pops up ....

    Congrats to the winner !!!
  11. Wow, that bag looked amazing. Congrats to the buyer...they got themselves a gem.
  12. I know, it was was listed on my TEN MINUTE drive home from work... and gone the minute it was listed!
  13. every time i get a email from her that she listed a new bbag, i get so excited, i go to the websit asap and there always gone!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the winner!!
  14. sorry, I am new - what is AFF?