wahey, I finally got some!

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  1. As a poor student, I can only afford the most basic of things, but having worked 3 jobs this summer I have FINALLY bought some Chanel mascara, and I have to say, now that I've got it, I think I've opened another can of worms! I love how it goes on, and makes my lashes look. At £16.50 it was a lot more expensive than what I normally pay for any make-up, but I'm glad I took the leap.
    ALSO, I got a L'ancome Paris Juicy Tubes in Melon in the duty free before I went on holiday, and I also love this, :yahoo: :yahoo:

    This probably seems nothing to you guys, but I'm grinning ear to ear, and have been since the postman bought the parcel this morning!!
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. yay! i traded in my diorshow for chanel inimitable mascara, i couldn't love it more, you definately made the right choice!
  4. I just bought some Chanel mascara this weekend based on the recommendation of a Pfer. It's the most expensive mascara I bought. I did like the way it covered my eyelashes though. I think it's very natural, but can be made up.
  5. ^ yeah ditto, that's what I'm finding out anyways! ;)
  6. Which one did you get? I'm in love with their Instant Lash mascara. It's the best mascara I've ever used.
  7. i thought everyone thought dior show was the best..

    amanda you think chanel is better? which one? ( i currently change with ysl, mac, and maybelline)
  8. I've tried 'em all, and Chanel cils magique is the best on my thin asian lashes. It thickens them up a crazy amount. I've never found a better mascara - I wish I could because of the price, but Chanel's is the best that i've ever found.

    p.s. I hated diorshow - it made my lashes look like spiders legs.
  9. You're so English with your "parcel" lol I like it!:upsidedown: I might have to try this Chanel mascara now.
  10. I love Chanel maascara. I usually use the Extracils. Or Diorshow waterproof during my migraine season.
  11. i used to be loyal to dior maximeyes (i find it goes on much nicer than diorshow) but i might be swayed by chanel inimitable now.. i got lots of samples when i bought black satin and it's pretty amazing..
  12. congratulations.. i love Chanel mascara :smile:
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