WAH! Sent wrong hangtag....*pouts*

  1. WAH! :cry:

    I received a replacement hangtag yesterday...but it was the WRONG ONE! I needed one for my Legacy shoulder bag in khaki/ebony...and I get this oversized WHITE tag.


    I feel bad calling back and asking for another one though....but damn....
  2. aw im sorry to hear that!
  3. LOL.... :roflmfao:

    Oh dear... I just imagine someone walking down through a plant floor.. they reach their hand into a box and go, " Eh? This one'll do!"

    Sorry... I know, probably not funny to you, since you'll have to call again.
  4. LOL...
    "you need a ebony tag? here's a white one..."
    "you need a ivory tag? here's a green one...."


    I just feel BAD calling...like I'm being a PITA or something...
  5. Sorry...
  6. Maybe they sent you mine?
    I needed a white one, not oversized though, and they sent me a brown one, lol.
    It took four weeks to get here so I'm dreading having to call back.
  7. ^ OH dear... now they are switching people's addresses around!!

    Geesh... not much of a successful percentage rate going on here...
  8. LOL - I'm guessing someone else got mine and was like "whaaa????"

    now I'm thinking...wth am I going to do with this big white tag?

    guess i'll stick it on my black hamptons hobo with the 2 turq/blue tags...heheh
  9. LOL - I just called.

    The lady said "Yes, I see your request here for a black tag with a gold chain..."

    me: "yeeeeaaaaahh....got a big white one"

    her "ok - I'll reprocess it"

    sweet! that was painless!
  10. aww good thing that they are reprocessing it and not giving you a hard time. lets hope you get the right one this time!!!
  11. Here's hoping that the second time is the charm!
  12. They are good at sending the wrong tags. I have had this happen before.
  13. Dewey Drop - Do you have a coach boutique near you? You could always go into the boutique and just ask for one. They carry some in the back and might have the one you need. Last year I needed a replacement tag and got one right from the boutique
  14. really...never thought of that...I always thought you had to request them from coach...interesting.

    thanks for the tip!
  15. That happened to me, too. I needed a small white hang tag, and they gave me a large black one! I didn't even bother putting it on my bag.