wah! my little puppy hates my purses!

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  1. rawr!


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  2. ahh,, poor bag,, lol.. maybe is coz u havent post its picture in .. "my pet modeling my LV bag club" ;)
  3. Nooooooooooooo..............save the bag quick....lol he is a cutie though! this thread reminded me of that one where the dog chewed the Azur pochette to pieces ouch:Push:
  4. Cute puppy, but is the bag ok?? :P
  5. oo nooo hows the bag
  6. haha the bag is okay!! just thought the picture was cute ^_^ i put it in front of bella and she probably smelled the leather and was like, this might be tasty! and put it in her mouth but then spit it right back out, but in time for me to snap a pic!
  7. maybe your pup finds your LV bags so yummy lol! at least this can attest to the durability of LVs:smile:
  8. Your puppy is adorable! :smile:
  9. That's a cute puppy but how is the bag? I hope you saved it from your puppy :graucho:
  10. My puppy would be in time out for a long time if he woulda done that to my LV's! :P
  11. What a cutie!!!!
  12. What a cute puppy! :biggrin:
  13. I was afraid that the puppy left a mark on the LV, but I'm glad that didn't happen! My fear is (if I were to ever have a puppy) that it would chew up my purses!
  14. Oh my god! I thought your puppy chewed up your bag! That's awfully cute ! I always put my bags away out of reach from my furries. I have this concept that all the vachetta are simply soft cowhide for them to chew! So better to keep them away out of the doggies' mouth/paws!
  15. OMG take that out of her mouth now!!!!!!!!!!!! I would :faint:

    Once I found my puppy chewing on my checkbook and I thought that was bad but a LV - gasp!!!!!!