WAH! Legacy Wristlet Soldout on Whiskey Online!

  1. WAH! The Coach Legacy Wristlet is SOLD OUT in whiskey online! I better hurry myself to the store to get it! I think my husband is looking at it for my "push gift" after I have my baby but I think he's waiting to get it! What if it sells out in the store too??? Ok, deep breaths. Stop freaking out. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for listening!
  2. LOL! Help him out call the stores in the area and have 1 held. Congrats on the baby!
  3. It saids they will be back online on November 12. When is your due date?
  4. lol, congrats on the baby. I hope you get it.
  5. "push gift" :roflmfao:

    i'll have to remember that when i get married and get pregnant (in about 4384 years).
  6. Hey, I'm pregnant. Is a push gift before or after you gift birth? But I am due close to Christmas so it might now work, hehe.
  7. Hey gals! I'm due October 16th, which is NEXT MONDAY. :wtf:

    I *might* have to be induced, which I'm not too crazy about because the baby is GINORMOUS for my petite 5'1" (on a good day) frame.

    I think the "push gift" is supposed to be AFTER I have the baby. I think I am just having wishful thinking about the whole push gift thing! Seems like only celebrities do this kind of thing!

    Pursefanatic, November 12th is my birthday...so maybe it can be my birthday gift! :idea:

    Thanks for all of your support!:yes:
  8. OMG you're going to pop any day now. LOL....Yeah it would totally work as a b-day gift, so you could pick something else for your "push gift". Anything else on your "want list" for dear hubby to get.
  9. They are still available at the stores (at least at some). They have them at the distribution center so if you go to the store, they should be able to order it for you and ship it out same day.
  10. Tell him to get it for you. You'll come out of it with a baby and new wristlet in hand!
  11. LOL...priorities...priorities...baby AND wristlet! This is why I love this forum! :smile:

    Oh...psss...when my husband and I came home from running errands today, there was a small FedEx box sitting on our doorstep that my husband hurredly put up somewhere I can't reach! It's a surprise he told me!

    But...he's letting me open it tonight! I'm just waiting for him to get off the phone so I can open the box...and watch my Grey's Anatomy that I taped!

    Maybe...just maybe!!!! :smile: