Wah! Intervention please! Quick!

  1. Argh ... I NEED intervention, again.

    Here's the thing, I'm feeling so depressed right now. Normally I don't get this depressed over this type of stuff but I'm getting another year older in a week and I just feel so ... unsuccessful. I'm not making enough money, I still hadn't gotten anywhere with my consulting job search, my relationship is going nowhere (why do I have to be the one to move?!), you get the idea.

    It doesn't help that I don't have my bags ... so now I feel like I need to buy something to distract me. But there's nothing at Hermes that I want right now, and knowing me I'll just end up buying lots of worthless things and feel awful and stressed about it later. But I need a distraction and Hermes seems to be the answer right now - something about the leather and the myriad of colors, you know how that goes:graucho:.

    Argh ... somebody STOP me before I decide to head over to H tomorrow afternoon!
  2. When is your birthday? Mine's next week too....
  3. How about you do go to hermes ...but only buy FUSCHIA BAG :nuts: (ostrich or croc, kelly or birkin or bolide,) :yes:
    ... nothing else!, no scarf, no trinkets! :hysteric: that you will end up hating!

    Also, do not think of next week being a year older,
    :yahoo: Happy Birthday:yahoo:

    think of it...you will be a WEEK older!:lol:

    You do not have to spend money if you are not in love with an item just to please your SA! Go in there strong, and make them please you!
    ...then have some Fondue!:P
  4. What about just getting a couple of beautiful scarves to ease the pain??
  5. Fondue...definitely fondue! And Happy birthday ladies!!!!
  6. kou, how about you make some proactive decisions that positively effect your life! i'm sorry but i cannot advise you to buy something after what you wrote. i mean heaven knows a little treat picks me up as much as the next person, but it has to be relative to the problem, and with what you listed, it would require an hermes customized jet or something.
    given how low you feel, i would stay away from stores altogether. hang out here. what else do you enjoy? i love just quiet time with a magazine. or a movie (yes alone! jeez, in the dark, who cares, you know.)
    or a tiny tiny fun silly thing. in toronto, i went bananas for this $2CA little charm from an arcade machine.
  7. Or . . .
    Picture that you have your fuschia bag and only purchase the Hermes items that you would use with the bag -- ie, locks, fuschia interior accessories, scarf to match fuschia bag and the like. Before you go in the store give yourself a number of items to limit yourself to or amount of money to limit yourself.
  8. Happy Birthday!:yahoo: to you too!:flowers:
  9. kou:

    go to spa..go get your hair done..go buy some clothes/shoes..something to amuse you but not stressed out.
    happy early bday..dont' be sad..it's a better year to come!
    and yes fondue!
  10. Thank you!:heart:
  11. yes yes many happy birthdays all around. anyone care/dare to post ages? :graucho:
  12. November 5th.

    Seriously, I have gotten NOTHING done this past year! Career-wise, I have gotten nowhere. Yeah sure I'm a financial analyst, but being in the Old Boy's Club has its pros and cons. Pros being that the guys are more mellow, the cons being that if they do want to get political and catty, they can be worse than the women. I am dealing with the latter right now and I just suck at it. This is where I really feel that being honest and working hard in this day and age does not get one anywhere. Anyways, I've been trying to get into the consulting field for a long time now (just general consulting at a consulting firm) and I don't know why I can't get in. I know I do NOT suck and believe me, I've tried every option ... :s
  13. Oh, Kou, I really hope something changes for you soon. A door will surely open up and take you down a new , more fulfilling road.:heart: :heart:
  14. Happy Birthday Kou & Rose. Kou -- do something that will make you smile. If you can't think of something, help someone else; it always is good for the soul.
  15. I say stay FAR away from any Hermes and do something unrelated.

    -Met your best girlfriend/sister at the park for a bike ride or rollerskating.
    -Go to a play
    -Spend the day at a bookstore
    -Take your mom out for fondue
    -Have a friend over for a movie night.
    -Go out for cocktails with the girls