WAH! I ALMOST had those sunglasses!

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  1. So ever since someone posted the Alicia sunglasses in burgundy on here, I've been OBSESSED with them. Finally found a pair on eBay, from a seller I've purchased from before, for an excellent price. ($85 total with shipping!)

    I won the auction and paid last night...this morning I get an email from the seller telling me I've been refunded my money.

    Now, I LOVE me an honest eBayer seller and I totally understand....but WAHH!!! :crybaby: I really wanted those sunglasses! There are no Nordstrom Rack's around me..and they are going for over $100 plus shipping on other auctions.

    *sniff sniff*

    guess I'll just have to prowl eBay some more.

    so, to cheer me up, if you have pictures of these beautiful glasse (esp. if you are wearing them) please post!
  2. Sorry about your sunglasses.

    Maybe you willl find them in the outlet this weekend. Are U planning to go to the Lee outlet??
  3. hmm....you know...that's a thought.
    wasn't PLANNING on it...maybe I could take a run up there on Saturday morning...

    have people seen these at the Coach outlets? i know sunglasses are hit or miss at most places...
  4. Awww, I'm sorry about your auction!! But, I think you should definately get them!! :graucho:

    You'll look -> :supacool: tee hee.
  5. I'm watching a few auctions that have them for around $120. *sigh*....do I want to pay that much?

    want to wait until the refund shows up in my paypal account though...i NEVER keep money in it, so I'd use that to pay for them...
  6. They are totally worth it though!! They make you feel like everyone is looking at you! :sneaky:

    I would definately wait for the refund, just to be on the safe side... I've seen some auctions with a starting bid around $80-ish... I'll try to keep my eye out for you!!
  7. I'm concerned about the fact that the seller mentioned a supplier. I hope their "supplier" is the outlet they shop at to buy their inventory.
  8. he shops nordstorm rack...i've purchased from him before...bought my Talia's from him...had the "R" on one of the arms.
  9. 85 bucks sounded like such a good deal. i'm sorry the incident with the sunnies happened. at least they were being honest which i know you appreciate. but it's such a dissapointment when it DOES so happen to happen to you. hehe, get what i mean? i'm sure any of these ladies will be on the look out for you if they go to nordies rack and help you out.
  10. Do you think he might get any back in stock?? Hopefully you can find them, it sounds like a great deal!
  11. Maybe he didn't want to sell them for $85 and used that as an excuse?

    I'm paranoid and that's the first thing that popped into my head..

    Hope you end up finding them :smile:
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